Savannah - Season 1

The WB (ended 1997)


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  • The Truth, The Whole Truth & Nothing But The Truth
    Lucille is acquitted as the pieces of Travis's death finally fall into place, but her subsequent actions may lead to her downfall; Lane and Jason's chance at friendship is cut short by a violent act of revenge by Jack. Meanwhile, Reese gets caught in the crossfire when she tries to stop the Massick-Burton feud; and two of Peyton's worst nightmares come true.moreless
  • Creep Throat
    Creep Throat
    Episode 11
    A mysterious source feeds Lane disturbing tips about Dean's role in Travis's murder investigation; Edward is forced to admit his guilt to one daughter, breaking the other's heart. Meanwhile, Vincent relocates after Veronica visits him in prison; and things heat up between Peyton and Brian, whose political agenda may prove to be Edward's biggest worry.moreless
  • From Here To Paternity
    The dramatic opening of Lucille's trial tests the friendship of Reese, Peyton and Lane; Peyton's hotshot lawyer offers a new theory about Travis's murder, which gains legitimacy from Lane's reporting and Tom's testimony. Meanwhile, Reese comes between the Massick brothers; another paternity test is ordered.
  • Prince Of Lies
    Prince Of Lies
    Episode 9
    Edward's senatorial campaign is jeopardized by Lane's story about his affair with Veronica, together with Lucille's letter of confession to Reese about daddy's other little girl. Meanwhile, Jason objects to Dean's relationship with Lane; Tom gets a third partner on the eve of the riverboat casino's grand opening.
  • Playing With The Enemy
    Veronica blows Tom's cover to protect herself from Edward's accusations; Dean learns the truth about Jeannie with the help of Lane, his son and Jeannie's mother; and Vincent offers to fill Reese in on the background of the intentions of her newest fiancée. Meanwhile, Peyton confronts Tom about his childhood, then teams with him in business... and pleasure.moreless
  • Information, Please
    Veronica and Tom make indecent proposals to their respective Burtons, one of which stokes Vincent's jealousy; Lane uncovers Jeannie's private affairs after Jeannie warns her to stay away from Dean. Meanwhile, Lucille shares the Gothic history of Massick-Burton relations with Peyton; and Edward is shocked to learn of Veronica's own equally torrid past.moreless
  • Where There's Smoke, There's Fire
    Veronica arouses Peyton's suspicions when she offers to tend to a recuperating Edward; Dean leaves two women distraught...for different reasons; and Tom's brother hits town after his release from prison. Meanwhile, Reese reconciles with her father; Lane finds a job; Peyton discovers Veronica's past and makes Tom an offer he can't afford to refuse.moreless
  • The Purloined Letter
    Peyton provokes a feud between Edward and Reese; Reese finally finds a job thanks to Tom; and heartbreak looms for lovers Lane and Dean when a woman from Dean's past resurfaces. Meanwhile, Veronica cozies up to Edward; and Lucille beseeches Peyton to forgive.
  • Who Killed Travis?
    Who Killed Travis?
    Episode 4
    An arrest is made for the murder of Travis after Reese, Peyton and Lane supply Dean with alibis. Meanwhile, Peyton shows who's boss when "Bunny" returns to Savannah for more hush money; Edward's nonchalance about losing the riverboat enrages Tom, who targets Reese; and the real murderer is revealed following a robbery at the Burton estate.moreless
  • Sex, Pies & Videotape
    As news of Travis's "accidental" death spreads, Peyton scrambles to find a damning video he made of them; a less-than-grief-stricken Reese decides to go on her honeymoon; and Lane considers returning to New York. But Dean's findings keep all three in Savannah. Meanwhile, Edward takes a huge gamble during a poker game with Tom.moreless
  • Wedding Belle Blues (2)
    Peyton destroys Travis and Reese's reconciliation when she hires a woman to pose as "Bunny", the nickname Travis gave Peyton. Now convinced that Travis has cheated on her, Reese tells him that she is divorcing him. Meanwhile, Lane discovers that her trust fund has been drained. She and Dean investigate and learn that Travis drained her account. Edward threatens to kill Travis when he learns what happened. Tom makes plans for Edward, and gets closer to Reese. A drunken Travis confronts Peyton. Travis vows to tell Reese the truth, but Peyton stops him by hitting him on the head with a bottle. Travis is dead, and Peyton takes the body in her car to dump. She gets a flat tire, and Dean arrives to help her. She is stunned to discover that Travis' body is missing.moreless
  • Wedding Belle Blues (1)
    In the hostess city of the South, Reese Burton is the daughter of prominent entrepreneur Edward Burton, the richest man in all of Savannah. She is engaged to her childhood sweetheart, Travis Peterson. She has it all, and is surprisingly a very sweet person. It is her "best friend", Peyton Richards, who is jealous, resentful, and vindictive. Peyton grew up in the Burton estate with Reese, when Edward hired her mother Lucille to be his housekeeper. Peyton secretly despises Reese, and has been sleeping with Travis behind her back. Peyton and Reese's other best friend, Lane Mackenzie, returns from New York, for the wedding. She meets up with her ex-boyfriend from high school, Dean Collins, a police officer, and sparks fly between them again. Meanwhile, Tom Massick, a con man, informs his partner, Veronica, that they are going to Savannah. It's time to make contact with Edward Burton. Reese and Travis marry, but Travis tells Peyton that "wedding vows can't keep us apart." Peyton realizes that Travis fully intends to honor his marriage to Reese, and is furious.moreless