Savannah - Season 2

The WB (ended 1997)


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  • I Don't (2)
    I Don't (2)
    Episode 22
    Veronica flees to Barbados, where she's intercepted; Reese strikes a final blow against her foes as she, Tom, Peyton and Nick plan a lavish double wedding. Meanwhile, Sam's past puts Cassie in jeopardy; Edward works to clear his name; and as one couple find their honeymoon plans altered, another wind up at the altar.moreless
  • Oh No, Mr. Bill (1)
    Oh No, Mr. Bill (1)
    Episode 21
    Veronica flees to Barbados, where she's intercepted; Reese strikes a final blow against her foes as she, Tom, Peyton and Nick plan a lavish double wedding. Meanwhile, Sam's past puts Cassie in jeopardy; Edward works to clear his name; and as one couple find their honeymoon plans altered, another wind up at the altar.moreless
  • Where There's A Will...
    Sam's sobriety is put to the test after he recalls his tortured past; Reese makes Tom a miserable married man; Veronica and the Burtons have a showdown that results in a dog of a deal; and Nick's inheritance sends one woman packing as another settles into his apartment. Meanwhile, Lane helps out a friend in need.moreless
  • Code Blue
    Code Blue
    Episode 19
    As Peyton tries to reunite Nick with his father, Sonny Lee weasels her way back into Martin's favor; and a vengeful Reese goes after those who have played her for a fool. Meanwhile, Dean and Cassie are thrown by Sam's behavior; Edward sets a trap to expose Veronica for the liar she is; and two women vie for control of the Corelli fortune and its legal heir.moreless
  • The Gal To Marry Dear Old Dad
    Sonny Lee declares her tie to Nick's family - which Tom and Peyton instantly try to sever; Lane and Cassie set out to unite their feuding beaus; and Rita tells Edward the "truth" about who was behind the photos. Meanwhile, Reese gets a nasty piece of mail; Peyton's latest scam backfires; and the Burton marriage crumbles-again.moreless
  • The Morning After
    The Morning After
    Episode 17
    The newlywed Massicks plan to annul, until family and friends persuade them to give marriage a shot; Lane's new job sends her after a sex-scandal story involving Sen. Burton; and Wheeler plays cupid for Sam. Meanwhile, Peyton tricks Nick into getting a roommate, along with a new place; and Rita helps Lane verify the charges against Edward.moreless
  • Every Picture Tells A Story
    Reese gets more than she expected during a romantic getaway with Tom-thanks to excessive drinking and Peyton's quick thinking; Lane seeks help in kicking her drug habit and gets a sponsor who turns out to be problematic for Dean. Meanwhile, Veronica and Nick set into motion their plan to destroy the new Burton regime.moreless
  • Dressed To Shill
    Dressed To Shill
    Episode 15
    Lane's addiction worsens after her friends' intervention; Second Chances gets a new leader; Dean gets an arrogant new partner; and Madeleine meets a new "Reese," who diffuses Veronica's plot to expose Tom's past. Meanwhile, Cassie secures financing for her album, then sees Benny's true colors; and a heartbroken Dean finally gets Lane to seek help.moreless
  • Get Me To The Church On Time
    On the day of Lane and Dean's wedding, Peyton steals away for a close encounter with Nick; Edward and Veronica almost get caught in a steamy engagement of their own; and the bride tries to numb her cold feet by mixing drugs and alcohol.
  • True Love Never Dies
    Edward's unholy union to Eleanor shocks the women in his life, especially his mistress; Dean is knocked for a loop when Lane's mood swings intensify; and Cassie's singing career hits a snag. Meanwhile, Peyton moves in on Nick, who finds himself single after Reese learns of his deadly past dealings; and Veronica gets herself a new, equally vengeful partner in crime.moreless
  • It's Never Too Late
    It's Never Too Late
    Episode 12
    Eleanor receives tragic news while dealing with the fallout from the scam; an enraged Nick interrupts Tom's evening with Reese; and Lane takes illegal steps to feed her growing addiction. Meanwhile, the loss of her job at the Treasury steers Cassie into a new career; and a proposal is made to keep Edward and a grieving Eleanor from testifying against each other.moreless
  • The Battle Of Midway
    Reeling from Nick and Reese's reunion, Peyton turns to Tom to make the new lovers pine for former flames; Lane continues to investigate Burton Industries while on a steady diet of painkillers. Meanwhile, Reese makes herself the company's new partner; and Cassie's sting at the River Run factory collapses, endangering her father.moreless
  • Good Golly, Aunt Lottie
    Reese recovers her mother's lost will-giving her half of Burton Industries. But she may lose Nick, who spends a steamy night alone with Peyton. Meanwhile, Lane's story on Edward places her and Dean in harm's way; Cassie begins to exploit her roommates for information on the Burton family; and Reese has a run-in with Veronica.moreless
  • Diary Of A Mad, Rich Wife
    Peyton schemes to keep Reese from Nick-and his fortune; Wheeler is reunited with his daughter, whose homecoming is shrouded in mystery; Reese learns her mother's dying wish. Meanwhile, Lane clashes with her publisher on a story about the closing of a Burton factory.
  • Burn, Baby, Burn
    Burn, Baby, Burn
    Episode 8
    Tom points fingers to clear himself of the riverboat fire; Lane's innocent kiss with Terry sets Dean ablaze with anger, but it's she who cools to the idea of spending more time with her lying ex. Meanwhile, Peyton blocks Nick's funding for his part of the boat; and Edward loses Reese as an employee when she meets a shady character on her father's payroll.moreless
  • It's A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Boat
    The newly elected Edward campaigns to persuade Reese that Nick is a gold digger; Lane's work with Terry unsettles Dean; and Peyton is snagged in her own trap when she tries to land a loan from Charles. Meanwhile, Tom recognizes Veronica's assassination ruse; and the riverboat's new owner and Reese get caught in a deadly revenge plot gone awry.moreless
  • Vengeance Is Mine
    Vengeance Is Mine
    Episode 6
    Dean is shocked by Lane's past when a man she knew in New York arrives in Savannah; Nick helps Reese plug the leak on Edward's election committee, as he makes amends with Veronica. Meanwhile, an amorous Charles helps Peyton deliver a vicious birthday surprise for his wife; a prominent resident is targeted by death threats; and Reese decides to sell her share of the riverboat.moreless
  • My Fair Ladies
    My Fair Ladies
    Episode 5
    A cash-strapped Dean and Lane hit it big at Veronica's charity auction; Brian makes it clear that his engagement to Peyton is over; and Edward's senatorial campaign develops a media leak. Meanwhile, Reese's fantasies with Nick become reality; Tom aligns himself with Edward's hidden foe; and Peyton takes a swing at landing another Alexander man.moreless
  • A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words
    Peyton becomes a pawn when some racy photos of her with Nick land in the wrong hands; Jason's reaction to Lane and Dean's engagement causes concern for all; and Nick gets a new job - plus a role in his employer's fantasies. Meanwhile, Reese learns of the part Tom played in getting her drug charges dropped; and Peyton has it out with both of her blackmailers.moreless
  • The Family Jewels
    The Family Jewels
    Episode 3
    Reese and Dean search for Lane as the conditions of her prison turn deadly; Peyton unknowingly helps Nick get rid of the emerald - earning her a sparkler of her own from Brian. Meanwhile, Tom turns the tables on the police after he fails to goad Veronica into confessing her crimes on tape; and the Alexanders turn out for Edward's fund-raiser.moreless
  • Pearls Before The Swine
    A tragedy ruins the captive Lane's hopes for escape; and Eleanor sets out to tarnish Peyton's image, although Brian's father takes a shine to her. Meanwhile, Tom makes a deal to implicate Veronica in Reese's drug bust; Nick and Peyton learn of the emerald's whereabouts; Dean and Reese grieve together after a friend's "death."moreless
  • Dead Man Walking
    Dead Man Walking
    Episode 1
    A familiar face returns to town, causing double trouble for Peyton and Reese, who barely avoids Veronica's trap for Tom; and Lane's kidnapper makes explosive plans for Dean's demise. Meanwhile, Lucille settles the score with her own captive, Edward.