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NBC (ended 2013)


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  • Nice show, refreshing change of pace

    Like what I've seen in 4 eps. so far. Nice, positive vibe that is refreshing from the standard insult, put-downs that is so prevalent on many others.
  • Save Me. Turns out to be quite an ironic title. :(

    Both myself and my wife are atheist, so it took some persuading to actually watch this, but it turned out to be hilarious! Anne Heche is perfect for the role and the humour is great. Such a shame, all the best shows end prematurely. :(

    I'll add it to my list of favourite cancelled shows:


    The Finder

    Are you there Chelsea?


    Enterprise (Star Trek)


    The River

    Wedding Band

  • I really liked it!

    A great idea and the timing of the jokes are great. If you're christian it'll make more sense, but's not mandatory. I really loved it!
  • If you read your bible this show will really make you laugh!

    At first i was put off by her calling God "he/she" all the time. But the show is quite funny when they misquote almost every story in the bible. It tries too hard to be more inclusive of beliefs that aren't biblical, but often these circumstances come with hilarious
  • I love the show

    People not knowing what is conservative may think this is a conservative show as it deals with a prophet of God. That would be about the only conservative aspect of the show. Almost forgot there is one neighbor which is religious. They have one neighbor that is retired and does represent the old non-politically correct, think a female Archie Bunker. The rest of the family and neighbors I would so far classify as being somewhere between the middle and far left both politically and socially.

    I love Anne Heche in this role as a quirky drunk party-momma who dies and comes back as a prophet. I want more!
  • Such a brave theme - refreshingly cute show!

    This is such a fun show! I've enjoyed the episodes so far. Has it really ended? by why? why renew glee and such but end stuff like this?? I won't be surprised if they cancelled "The Goodwin games" too, seeing that it talks about the importance of family and all.
  • Amazing

    I was skeptical about the premise but Anne Heche did a find job. Really cute and can't wait to see more. I don't know how long they can keep this going though before it gets tired?
  • Refreshing

    Really hilarious situations. Anne Heche is perfect as a "prophet" and as good as ever. Love this comedy!
  • Love it!

    Reminds me of Samantha Who but I'm afraid it won't last. Quirky, witty, heart warming shows never seem to do.
  • Sometimes, we all need a little saving

    Over the top, ridiculous show that I am really enjoying.

    The first comedy I've watched in years and its funny.

    Anne Heche is perfect for this show.

    Who better to play a hot, crazy prophet than a hot, crazy woman!

    I think this show is written by hipster Christians because the show definitely is conservative, but they do a great job of sneaking in their message.
  • Save Me

    I loved it!! It's quirky and different! The cast works well together. I love her interactions with friends and family--especially Maggie (Joy Osmanski)