Saved by the Bell: The College Years

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Saved by the Bell: The College Years

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Welcome to the "Saved by the Bell: The College Years" guide at "Saved by the Bell: The College Years" was a spin-off show from the Hit Saturday morning show, "Saved by the Bell". However, this series aired during primetime on NBC. Zack, Screech, Slater, and Kelly went off to attend California University. They shared a dorm suite with two more girls, Alex and Leslie. At first Zack liked both Kelly and Leslie, but by the end of the show's run, Zack and Kelly were together again and planning marriage. Slater and Alex were also a couple for much of the show. This show was about their hilarious adventures in college, as they learned to take responsibility and dealt with a bit more grownup issues than in the original series. The show ended with Zack and Kelly planning to go to Las Vegas to get married. There was a TV movie, entitled Saved by the Bell: Wedding in Las Vegas that was about their adventures on the way to Las Vegas and their actual wedding.moreless

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  • Anne Tremko

    Anne Tremko

    Leslie Burke

    Tiffani Thiessen

    Tiffani Thiessen

    Kelly Kapowski

    Essence Atkins

    Essence Atkins

    Danielle Marks

    Patrick Fabian

    Patrick Fabian

    Professor Jeremiah Lasky

    Bob Golic

    Bob Golic

    Mike Rogers

    Holland Taylor

    Holland Taylor

    Dean Susan McMann

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    • I want to know the song that they played when Kelly and Zack got married in Vegas while going back over the years when they were together. does anyone know what it is????moreless

      I loved this show!! Favorite was Mario Lopez of course!! Couldnt get enough of him. This show went off air way to early though!! Favorite episode was when Zack and Kelly finally get married in Vegas. I NEED to know the song that they played when Kelly and Zack got married in Vegas while going back over the years when they were together. Does anyone know what it is???? I even tried to find it using my phone where you can hold it up to the music and it will find the song but it keeps coming up NO MATCH!! I am getting annoyed!!moreless
    • The reason I gave Saved by the Bell's spin-off a very low rating was because it left too early so we didn't really get to see much of it. Even thought the story lines were okay, many people missed Jesse and Lisa which were one of the most loved...moreless

      ...characters of the original series. The few episodes that did air were not bad but they were not great. I think this show didn't succeed because people expected so much of it because of the original series and when they got an average comedy show, people were disappointed. The adding characters of Alex Tabor, Leslie Burke, Mike Rogers, Professor Jeremiah Lasky, and Dean Susan McMann were good characters that interacted with the original cast very well and none of them sucked when it came to acting. I'm glad that they still run this show in TNT on the mornings because I honestly think that people would have forgotten about this spin-off which didn't succeed very much. Overall it is a good show to watch when you're bored.moreless
    • Spinoff of Saved By The Bell.

      Who came up with this? I am in love with Saved By The Bell, the original one. But, this one is stupid. Kelly and a professer? Wow, real original. Did they come up with that in their sleep? I hated it mainly because it got rid of their squeaky clean image that is the reason I fell in love with the original show. But, I gave it a five instead of the two that it deserves because of the finale. Lisa and Jessie came back! I loved them. And of course the fact that Kelly and Zack finally got married! But, I have seen every episode.moreless
    • Left to early!

      I guess it's too late to bring the show back, but I really believe that Saved By the Bell: The College Years ended much too early. I mean, we only got to see the gang during their freshman year of college. Then, Zack and Kelly got married and we never heard from them again.

      I wish the show had been renewed for a few more seasons. With them in college, the storylines were still fresh. I would have liked to have seen how Zack and Kelly handled juggling their marriage and college.

      But, maybe they would not have gotten married if the show wasn't going off the air. If that was the case, I'm sure the writers and producers could have come up with some more, fresh scripts.

      Either way, the show ended way too early.moreless
    • Saved By the Bell: The College Years was a Great Spin-off of Saved by the Bell!

      I picked up watching Saved By the Bell This Year. Way After it ended. I have a trend of Picking up Cancelled shows. Well I loved it and Have been hooked to it and I watch it Ever morning & 12:00PM. The College Years was a great Spin-off, but it just didn't Pull me in that Much. To bad it only lasted for 1 Season. I loved the Idea of them making the TV Movie of Zach's and Kelly's Wedding! It's Been 11 Years Since the Show ended, you think by now they would have a reunion of the show. But I did hear they were making a New Saved By the Bell TV movie but as of July, 2006 it was Cancelled!! WHAT! I can't Belive They Did That!!!! Well I'm off to Watch Saved By the Bell!!!moreless

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