Saved by the Bell: The College Years

NBC (ended 1994)


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  • Season 1
    • Pilot
      Episode 1
      Zack arrives at California University expecting to be sharing a room with Slater and a suite with three girls. He accidentally goes into the wrong room. Two girls come in as he is stretched out on the bed; another comes in as they are teasingly arguing about whose room it really is. They introduce themselves as Alex Tabor, Leslie Burke, and Danielle Marks. Alex thinks Zack is cute, but Leslie is not too impressed.

      As Zack and Slater settle into their room, Screech arrives. He has arranged to be sharing their room as well. Later on Leslie walks into their room as they are all standing around in their underwear. Zack is visibly embarrassed, but pretends not to be as Leslie taunts him just a little. The suitemates all have a meeting about how to decorate their common room. Mike Rogers, the resident advisor, comes in with a list of rules and warns them not to break them. One rule is no parties during the week and another is no alcohol on the premises.

      Wanting to impress Leslie, Zack throws her a birthday party which quickly gets out of hand as more people show up and some bring in alcohol. Just as Zack is taking a beer away from someone, Mike Rogers walks in and catches Zack with it in his hand. As a way to get out of trouble, Zack volunteers the gang to help the psychology department with a research project, which turns out to be getting every freshman to fill out a questionnaire. Leslie tells him off in no uncertain terms.

      Meanwhile, Slater has been getting smoked at wrestling practice. He feels bad about it and is thinking of quitting. Zack is also thinking of quitting school, but when he finds out that Slater was thinking the same thing, he changes his mind. He comes up with a scheme to get every freshman to fill out the questionnaires: a "Win a Trip to Hawaii" contest. Mike Rogers finds out and threatens Zack, letting him know that there had better be a real prize.

      Zack ends up working in the student union busing tables with Slater in order to pay for the Hawaii trip. He pays a girl to flirt with Slater to boost his ego. Slater finds out, but understands--though he keeps Zack's money. Leslie apologizes to Zack and he thinks they've made a date for later, but when he shows up, she's on her way out the door with another guy. He pretends he has another date as well, but he ends up staying home to study--NOT!

      Meanwhile, Screech had been homesick during the entire episode, calling his parents frequently. By the end of the show, however, he's settled in and takes Alex and Danielle out to the movies, not even taking a call from his mother.moreless
    • 9/14/93
      Zack, Slater and Screech start college. Zach is up to his old tricks trying to impress another girl, but is in for a surprise when Kelly shows up.
    • 9/14/93
      Zack takes on a challenge from his Anthropology Professor. Professor Lasky, challenges Zack to find out what women want.
    • Rush Week
      Episode 4
      Its rush week at California University, who will get in and who will be left out? Zack wants to be in the same fraternity as Slater but when they're not too interested in him, Zack comes up with a scheme to get in.
    • Slater's War
      Episode 5
      Zack and Slater's friendship is challenged when Slater chooses not go go on a ski trip with Zack and Leslie.
    • The Homecoming
      Episode 6

      Leslie's Parents: It's homecoming weekend. Leslie's parents come to visit her. She is sick of their controlling ways, so she asks Screech to be her date in order to freak them out a bit. Screech agrees to be especially geeky for this event. He does a good job of freaking them out, but eventually they figure it out and they agree to back off and allow Leslie to make some of her own decisions from now on.

      Johnny: Meanwhile, an old football buddy of Mike's is also coming. Kelly has a crush on him and Slater admires him. Zack is not that impressed, but Johnny (Mike's friend)charms him and offers to get him in to the party and introduce him to some big wigs. He also invites Zack to play golf with him the next day. At the party, Johnny asks Kelly to go with him. Kelly was Zack's date, but Zack hardly even notices because he is so busy talking to the people Johnny introduced him to. Kelly leaves with Johnny. The next day, as Zack is getting ready to go golfing, Kelly tells him that Johnny hit on her. When she said no, he let her find her own way home. Zack decides not to go golfing after all.

      Mike, who had warned Zack about Johnny, admits to Zack that he is a bit jealous of Johnny's fame and the fact that he's still playing football. Zack lets Mike know how much help he's been and how much the kids there need him.

      The Mascot: Alex is auditioning for the coveted role of the school mascot, a falcon. As she is practicing her falcon role, Slater walks in and teases her. She gets offended so later on, he helps her by giving her some advice--and she gets the job. She invites Slater to go to the party with her and he accepts, however, he was not expecting her to show up in her falcon costume. Slater is very embarrassed and Alex gets hurt. In the end, Slater tells her he really likes her.

    • The Poker Game
      Episode 7
      Zach and the guys have been playing poker at another classmate's dorm. Zach wants to have the Poker Game at their dorm. There is only one problem to this. And it is a big problem (MIKE). The gang hooks Rogers up with a literature professor to get him out of the dorm for their poker game. Will this plain work or will it backfire?moreless
    • Professor Zack
      Episode 8
      Zack poses as his anthropology professor, Professor Lasky. The girls and Mr. Rogers want to get a big screen television. So they come up with fundraising ideas. Mike wants to sell candy bars for $0.10 profit per candy bar and the girls want to have a Men of Cal U calendar.moreless
    • Screech Love
      Episode 9

      Zack begins dating a tennis star, Linda. He is at least partly intrigued by her fame. She is struggling with astronomy so Zack gets Screech to tutor her. Linda continues to date Zack, but she and Screech are enjoying their time together. Zack notices and he and Screech have an argument about it. Screech temporarily moves in with Mike and drives him crazy.

      Meanwhile, the girls decide to have a party to attract a more intellectual crowd--especially men. The party doesn't turn out as they had hoped. Zack is there with Linda, thoroughly enjoying the way everyone else reacts to her.

      Screech is with Mike who convinces him to go and tell Linda how he feels--right away. Screech shows up at the party wearing his pajamas and a nightcap--and looking ridiculous. Linda seems to put him off, but after Screech leaves, Zack talks to Linda. He tells her that Screech really likes her--probably more than he does himself--and that she should choose Screech. Linda tells Zack that she already has, and she leaves to find Screech.

      Screech comes back to the dorm room he shares with Zack and Slater. Zack and Screech make up and all are friends again.

    • Dr. Kelly
      Episode 10
      Kelly is thinking about becoming a doctor. Zack discourages her, and Kelly begins to give up her dream. She begins skipping some of her classes and gets a job at Skeeters as a cocktail waitress. In the end, Zack realizes he was wrong and tells Kelly that she shouldn't give up her dreams for anyone. When she discovers she's aced her chemistry test, she gets back on track.

      Meanwhile, the guys help Mike prepare for his tryout for a comeback to the NFL. He succeeds, but decides not to play. He's put too much time into getting his graduate degree, and he feels needed there at the school.moreless
    • 11/23/93
      The gang has plans to go home for Thanksgiving. When Thanksgiving plans fall apart, the gang "helps" Rogers prepare a meal for underprivileged kids.
    • Teacher's Pet (1)
      Episode 12
      Since Kelly fancies Professor Lasky, she goes to his office to supposedly discuss a paper she has written. She finds him there with his child and offers to baby-sit. Lasky and Kelly grow closer and closer and at the end of the episode Lasky and Kelly share a kiss.
    • 12/14/93
      Although he is jealous, Zack reluctantly agrees to help Kelly and Professor Lasky keep their relationship secret, since it is against the rules for the teacher to date one of his students. However, after Kelly drops Dr. Lasky's anthropology class, Zack becomes worried about her, and reveals the relationship in front of the entire class. However, since Kelly is no longer one of Dr. Lasky's students, this seems not to be particularly problematic. Kelly and Dr. Lasky continue to date, but Dr. Lasky does not want to be seen or recognized with her. She does however get him to agree to escort her to a masquerade ball. Meanwhile, Mike Rogers gets Screech, Slater, Alex, and Leslie take a "Perfect Mate" quiz which suggests that Slater is perfect for Leslie, and Screech for Alex. This makes Alex very upset, especially when Slater and Leslie independently decide to attend the masquerade ball as Tarzan and Jane. At the last moment, Slater asks Screech to switch costumes, so that he can accompany Alex's Tinkerbell in Screech's Peter Pan outfit. At the party, they discover the girls have had the same idea: Alex and Screech are stilled paired up as Tarzan and Jane, and nobody is wearing the costume they want. After Kelly becomes enraged at Zack for betraying her trust and revealing the relationship (even though the revelation had no discernable consequences), Zack decides that the best way to get Kelly to come near him is to go to the costume ball in the same Zorro costume as Dr. Lasky. This works perfectly: at the ball, she mistakes him for Dr. Lasky and they kiss. When she finds out she kissed Zack, she is understandably upset. But this turns out to be the least of her problems: at the ball, Dr. Lasky gently breaks up with Kelly; he is tired of being afraid to be seen all the time, and the age difference is not helping. Back at the suite, Screech tells Alex that the tests mean nothing, and what the couple went through for each other with the costume fiasco proves they belong together. Alex agrees and makes up with Slater. In Kelly's room, Zack tries to comfort Kelly by telling her he loves her. While she is no longer angry at him, she tells him she just wants to be good friends. After she leaves, Zack tells the audience that they are good friends for now, but that he will win her heart.moreless
    • 12/21/93
      An Ethics course with a tough Professor, drops a midterm paper which Zack picks up and reads. Lesley takes it off him and tears it up.
    • The Rave
      Episode 15
      Zack and Slater have a rave to try and raise money so they can take Alex and Kelly to Cancun.
    • Bedside Manner
      Episode 16
      Zack gets a job at the health center to get close to Kelly. Unfortunately, Professor Lasky winds up there as well, and Zack has to come up with one scheme after another to get him out of the way.
    • Love and Death
      Episode 17
      The gang is shocked by the death of a popular teacher. Meanwhile Zack takes desperate risks to get Kelly to say that she still loves him.
    • Marry Me
      Episode 18

      Just as Zack and Kelly are getting pretty close, Kelly is accepted to the Semester on the Sea program, which involves a three-month cruise. Zack doesn't want Kelly to go, but she feels it's an opportunity she can't pass up. Zack tries to get accepted into the program as well, but none of his schemes work. He tries to get Screech to quit the program by scaring him, but that backfires.

      Zack has a dream that Kelly is with another guy on the ship. When he wakes up, he goes into Kelly's room, wakes her up, and asks her to marry him. Kelly says she has to think about it--and she's still going on the cruise.

      Meanwhile, Alex and Slater are finding that they don't have anything in common. Slater wants Alex to do something he likes for a change, which is to go to a car show with him. She refuses. Another girl overhears and offers to go with Slater instead. Leslie finds out that Slater is seeing another girl, and she eventually forces him to tell Alex about it. Alex is hurt, but in the end they decide to part as friends.

      As Screech is getting ready to leave, Zack tries to make up with him by giving him a book as a gift, which Screech accepts. Zack is still angry with Kelly and refuses to go and see her off. However, just as the ship is getting ready to sail, Zack shows up with flowers for Kelly to say goodbye "the right way." Kelly suddenly decides she wants to marry Zack right away. They run off the ship just before it sails.

    • Wedding Plans
      Episode 19
      Zack and Kelly make plans for their wedding. Lisa, Lesley and Alex fight to be the maid of honor, and Zack chose Screech as his best man, because Slater thinks the wedding is a bad idea.
    • Saved by the Bell: Wedding in Las Vegas
      After getting engaged, Kelly and Zack get ready to go to Las Vegas with Lisa, Slater, and Screech. Before they leave however, Zack's parents try to talk them out of getting married so young. Before hitting the road however, the guys and girls bet on who can get to Las Vegas first, only to have car trouble and stopped by a sheriff for speeding.moreless
    • Wedding in Las Vegas
      When Lisa and Kelly arrive in Las Vegas, they soon meet a guy that Lisa is attracted to at their hotel. In the desert town, Screech, Slater, and Zack are released and soon make it to Las Vegas as well, unfortunately without Zack's wedding money. The guys soon get jobs as male escorts to raise money for Zack and Kelly's wedding.moreless
    • Saved by the Bell: Wedding In Las Vegas (3)
      When Kelly learns Zack brought a date to the same restaurant they have reservations at, she calls off the engagement. He soon is able to explain what happened and why he had to work as an escort, with Kelly soon forgiving him. Meanwhile, Slater's new girlfriend gets the gang in trouble with her mobster ex-boyfriend and they soon go on the run to try and stop his plans of robbing the hotel jewelry store.moreless
    • Saved by the Bell : Wedding in Las Vegas (4)
      In this conclusion of the long running series it finally happens: Zack Morris and Kelly Kapowski get married.