Saved by the Bell: The College Years

Season 1 Episode 13

Kelly and the Professor (2)

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Dec 14, 1993 on NBC

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  • Now that almost everyone on campus knows about Kelly and Lasky going out, it leads to some uncomfortable moments for Lasky and he starts doubting their relationship. Meanwhile Mike hands out a Perfect Mate Profile questionare which has shocking results.

    The episode starts off with where the previous episode ended in which Zack caught Kelly and Lasky making out to his shock and dissapointment. Zack confronts Kelly about the kiss and she starts bugging asking why hes spying on them although its fairly obvious he just walked into the room at the wrong time. Kelly tells Zack to keep what he witnessed on the D/L to which he obliges. The next scene has Alex handing out tickets to the upcoming costume ball. The gang reluctantly buys tickets for it. Mike then comes up to the gang and hands out Perfect Mate Profile questionares that hes doing research on for one of his classes. The foursome at the table (Alex, Slater, Leslie, and Screech) start to fill out the first couple of questions. To my surprise Leslie and Slater match on the first two questions as do Alex and Screech. Unfortunately Alex and Slater are dating so this doesnt bode well with her...LOL.

    Fast forward to Kelly meeting with Lasky in his office. He tells her that he just doesnt feel right about their student/teacher relationship. Kelly tells him she solved the problem and dropped his Anthropology class so now there are no strings attached for them to be together. Lasky does make it clear though that he wants nobody to find out about them being together with his job on the line. The next scene is one of my favorite moments in SBTB College Years history. The gang is befuddled as to why Kelly out of nowhere dropped the Anthropology class. Zack walks in and Slater shares the news about Kelly to him. Zack gets mad pissed off and blows Laskys spot the f' up in front of the whole class and i quote "Then when exactly is a good time to talk about your affair with Kelly???" The rest of the gang have looks of disbelief on their faces as that revelation is revealed.

    The next scene is Mike coming in with the results of his compatibility test. Slater and Alex (who are the only "real" couple on the show at this point) score a pathetic 22 out of 100 which is awful. Next Slater and Leslie scored a 78 to Alex's dismay. But the top score of 89 went to no other then Screech and Alex...LOL. Alex immediately runs into her room crying in a hilarious moment. Laskys paranoia sets in even more when him and Kelly go to the Studunt Union for food and the entire place starts hardcore staring at them prompting Lasky to tell Kelly they need to get out of there and go eat somewhere else. The one important detail that goes along with Laskys paranoia comes when Screech overhears him telling Kelly that hes not going to the costume ball because he doesnt want to feel uncomfortable. With the costume ball nearing Alex is going as Tinker Bell and expects Slater to be her Peter Pan. Slater says hells no and that no respectable man would ever wear tights. Ten seconds later Screech pops into the room in the fugliest Peter Pan outfit ive ever seen prompting Alex to go crazy thinking maybe those personality profiles are starting to become the truth. Slater says hes going as Tarzan. Then inexplicaby Leslie out of nowhere reveals her costume as being Jane of The Jungle (Tarzans Woman...LOL). After Zack opens his big mouth about Lasky being too scared to go to the costume ball it motivates him to decide hes going to go after all to Kellys happiness. Zack finds out that Lasky is going as Zorro so Zack buys the same outfit hoping to fool Kelly into kissing him...LOL. Right before the costume party Slater asks Screech to go as Tarzan while he'll drop some pride points but go as Peter Pan to make Alex happy. When they finally get to the dance the girls did the same thing with Alex as Jane of the Jungle and Leslie as Tinkerbell. I mean can this dude get any kind of f'n luck...LOL. Screech tells the both of them to grow the f' up and realize they were meant for each other and to make up which they eventually end up doing. Zack is ready to make his move on Kelly so he has Screech distract Lasky for a few minutes so he can put the moves on Kelly and it works to perfection in that they share a nice kiss that is until she finds out it was Zack. Lasky oversaw the Zack/Kelly kiss and finally decides that this just isnt going to work out between the two of them. Lasky thought he could handle all the criticism but it turned out he couldnt. They go back and forth pretty heatedly until she throws him off the balcony in disgust. The episode ends with Kelly telling Zack that she just wants to be friends for now but Zack still knows in his heart that theres still a great chance that theyll end up back together. All in all it was an above average episode with by far my favorite moment being when Zack called out Laskys affair with Kelly in front of the entire class...LOL. While the whole Lasky/Kelly back and forth relationship did bother me at times, this episode was one of the better ones involving those two.