Saved by the Bell: The College Years

Season 1 Episode 8

Professor Zack

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Oct 19, 1993 on NBC

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  • Zack poses as Professor Lasky to get a girl and gets more then he bargained for.

    The main focus of this episode is Zack posing as Professor Lasky to impress a girl. They start dating but it goes to another level when the girl ends up being the chancellor of the university's daughter. After finding out he tries to wiggle his way out of it but only makes things worse. Finally he succeeds by having Alex pose as his wife catching him on a date and the girl dumps him. At the end the chancellor calls the real Professor Lasky into his office to repremand him. He realizes he has the wrong man when his daughter comes in to identify Lasky and says that he isnt the guy she went out with. Just as hes about let him go Zack comes barging in with a full confession to save Lasky's job not knowing that the matter had already been fixed. Lasky tells the chancellor that he'll handle Zacks punishment and gives him a slap on the wrist. The other plot deals with the girls and Mr. Rogers trying to find ways to get a big screen television for everyone to use. The girls come up with an idea of selling a "Guys of Cal U." calender while Rogers ends up selling candy bars. The girls want Slater to pose for the calender. He is a willing participant at first but at the end he gets creeped out and feels like piece of meat. The girls also mislead Screech into believing they want him in the calander too. After counting up their money the girls made a lot more money off the calender then Rogers did off candy bars and the girls get the television. Screech discovers that he didnt make it into the calender and is upset while Slater is upset because he is in the calender. The girls fix the problem by superimposing Screech's head on Slaters body in the calender which makes both guys happy.