Saved by the Bell: The College Years

Season 1 Episode 9

Screech Love

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Oct 26, 1993 on NBC

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  • Zack and Screech fall for the same girl but this time the guy who gets the girl at the end isnt who youd think.

    This was an episode of The College Years that showed the growth of the Screech character. He went from the dork we all know to a guy that actual had some game with the girls, even if it was in a dorky kind of way. It was good to see the writers change it up a little bit with him.

    The episode starts off with Zack trying to pick up a girl named Linda with a weak line about playing tennis but little did he know he was talking to a tennis star. After getting his butt whooped in tennis he finds out who Linda really is and asks her out on a date. She is unsure if she can go out with him because of her low Astronomy grade taking up much of her time and thats when Screech comes into the picture. Zack asks him to tutor Linda and before you know it Linda is liking Screech's personality over Zacks. Once Zack discovers that Screech is falling for the same girl he likes they get into a heated competition over it. Screech ends up moving out of his dorm room and into Mr. Rogers' room as a result. Meanwhile Kelly and Leslie are sick of the average college guy and hold a party for sophisticated men. The third plot of this episode is Alex kissing Slater before his wrestling match, him doing great, and now her kiss becomes his good luck charm. Alex now has to go to all of his matches and at the end she gets into a brawl with a fellow wrestlers girlfriend. They end up duking it out on the mat in a hilarious scene. Meanwhile back at the sophisticated party all of the guys recognize Linda as the tennis star and the entire room starts sweating her. With a couple of inspirational words from Mr. Rogers, Screech comes running into the room in his pajamas, expresses his love for Linda, and runs away in embarassment. Zack realizes that part of the reason why hes into Linda is because of her fame and tells her to go be with Screech. She finds him in Mr. Rogers' room and before he can say anything she plants a kiss on him and the new couple is born.