Saved by the Bell: The College Years

Season 1 Episode 21

Wedding in Las Vegas

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Oct 07, 1994 on NBC

Episode Recap

Kelly and Lisa have finally made it to Las Vegas and they see Curt, whom they believe is an employee at The Stardust Hotel. Lisa decides to give Kelly a wedding present, a trip to the massage parlor at The Stardust Hotel while they wait for Zack, Slater, and Screech.
Meanwhile the guys are still in jail, but the sheriff just got a call saying that he made a mistake and he found out that really was Slater's car he lets them out of jail, but Zack has to give the sheriff all his wedding money in order to get out of jail. Zack, Slater, and Screech eventually make it to Las Vegas and when they arrive at the hotel, Slater passes a pretty girl in the hotel lobby.
When they check in, Kelly and Lisa meet them in the lobby. Now Zack, Slater, and Screech have to find a way to earn back Zack's wedding money before Kelly finds out what happened. First they caddy for business men on the golf course, but the guy Slater caddied for kept hitting the golf balls into the lake and Slater had to go to the "Proshop" to buy another dozen golf balls, and he meets Carla, the pretty girl he saw in the hotel lobby.
Meanwhile, Zack and Screech are having a tough time as well, the golfer Zack's caddying for keeps cheating and Screech keeps annoying his caddy. After the golf carts get out of control, Zack, Slater, and Screech all get fired. Then they all go back to the hotel and play water basketball in the pool with Lisa and Kelly.
While Slater's talking to Carla at the pool, Zack and Screech get offered jobs as male escorts. While Zack and Screech are being taught how to be sophisticated, Kelly and Lisa are at a boutique, looking for the perfect wedding dress. Kelly then makes dinner reservations at The Top of the Strip, the fanciest restaurant in Las Vegas, but wait that's where Zack is meeting his date for the male escort job.