Saved by the Bell: The College Years

Season 1 Episode 3

Zack, Lies & Videotape

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Sep 14, 1993 on NBC

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  • unhappy with the anthropology class, zack takes a bet from the teacher saying that he can document what women want for a b in the class

    this was a funny ep and like the other one i lost count of how many times ive seen it but i always laugh..i love the professor..for one thing he is quite hot..spoiler..i know the girls on the show think so too lol..and i love how he was in a student chair in the beginning of the ep making ppl think he was a student and he tricked zack and the look on zacks face when he found out he was the professor was priceless..the project he made zack do actually wasnt such a big disaster altho at first he didnt take it seriously..and then zack had a minor turning pt as he decided that a b wasnt good enough and he wanted an a
  • Yes.. What do women really want? Warning: Contains Spoilers.

    This episode was the first Saved By The Bell: The College Years episode I've fully watched (as far as I know). I was lucky to record it on the DVR. This morning, I watched this in amazement. So far as I see, the series has the same humor as it's predecessor. It's a shock that it wasn't very popular. I found this episode very hilarious!

    Zack makes a deal with his Anthropology Professor that if he can find out what girls want by a certain date (which he says was Friday), he gets a B and can sleep in the whole semester. Little does he know is that actually, girls all want different things, just like guys. Some want football while others like Screech want to learn and do math and just sit on the computer.

    This episode was informing, and was a very great episode. A scene I enjoyed was near the ending, where Zack says he purchased the Professor's book and he will find it useful. How useful it will be is what he shows him.. He sticks the book under his chair that was wobbling (bad props?) to stop the wobbling.