Saved by the Bell: The New Class

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    I'm always been a huge fan of the original Saved By The Bell, and loved it enough to watch the College Years, as well as the TV movies, but I just HAD to sign up and rant about how awful this show is! The characters/actors are just recycled garbage, but at least they kept Mr. Belding, and of course there's Screech. Most of the scenarios are just repeated from the original series, and the actors aren't right for the part at all! I'm trying to be as nice as possible, but all of them look like awful in comparison to the original cast, like Kelly, or Zack, or Lisa, or Slater, etc! The comedy is like the Big Bang Theory all over again to me; they use the Laugh Track for ANY sorry attempt at comedy! Please, don't waste your time, because I was so excited to watch another spinoff that had 7 seasons because I was pretty sad that the show ended, but I just couldn't finish an episode without cringing at least 3 times an episode!
  • I love it

    I haven't seen this rendition of 'Saved By The Bell' ever, not on TV or on DVD. I've seen the original show a bunch of times and The College Years a few years ago, but The New Class I haven't seen ever. So when I saw Season one in a thrift store, I grabbed it right away. 'Saved By The Bell: The New Class' is a series I am currently craving more of.
  • 20th Anniversary of the New class series...

    They all need to have a reunion for this New Class series because of Dustin Diamond trying to get his role, Screech Powers, to complete his popularity, which he did not gain in the original class. That's the only way not to completely ban Dustin from the Saved BY the Bell reunion.
  • Might be alone in this but...

    I LOVED Saved by the bell the new class. It was a great Saturday morning tv show. I also loved the original and I would not say the new class was better than it but I still enjoyed it. I stopped watching towards the end but when Samantha Becker, Richard Lee Jackson, Sarah Lancaster, Lindsey McKeon, Ben Gould and Anthony Harrell was was GREAT!
  • New or Old?

    How come if this show sucked, why it lasted longer than the original show? And what's the deal with the casts feud with Dustin? If his life was so hard on the show, how come he stayed on for so long?!
  • Even if this show was not as great as the original class, the new class has Dustin Diamond as the star onto this show as Screech. He was not popular in the original, but he was better in the new class. The new class is popular because of Dustin Diamond.

    The show may not be great as the original class, but Dustin Diamond saved the show from being terrible. He was not popular in the original class, but when he came into the new class, he gained more popularity. If they are going to rerun the original class episodes on air and Dustin's popularity is still going down in the original class, then it might be a chance that the new class should be brought back into air because of him. The new teen actors are horrible and the cast changes are worser. Seasons 6 and 7 are the worst.
  • Just horrible.

    Oh god. What have I gotten myself into. Saved by the Bell: The New Class is just plain awful. I watched the show to say how bad it was, and oh I didn't know how bad it could get. It's not funny. Screech is clearly lacking a penis he's incredibly annoying and his voice sounds like Alvin the Chipmunk in the middle of anail. The rest of the characters are purely one demensional and just suck. The only one is the stupid guy, but after hearing his lines I'd almost rather have people how don't have any personality. But the worst part is the studio audience. Every attempt at comedy they laugh. Of course that's not too bad, 90% of sitcoms have that problem. But oh god, the screaching they do. Every form of sexual contact that is made, even in the most platonic matter, THEY ALWAYS G0"WOO-HOO". I hate this show. I really, really hate this show. I no longer wish to discuss it.
  • The second spinoff to 'Saved by the Bell' about the next generation of Bayside High.

    Who thought of this? The College Years was more than enough!! i hate the whole idea of this because it's Saved By The Bell, all over again with a less funny storyline, less hot charectars, and a less younger Mr. Belding. The people who thought this would be a good idea, were horribly mistaken. No wonder it was so bad, and cancelled after like two seasons? Nothing will ever live up to the original Saved by the Bell. Worst Idea Ever. I mean, who really needs to bring back the amazingness of Saved by the Bell in some cheap knockoff version.
  • Ok, not great

    It was allright. Not as good as real 1st series. The cast kept changing every season way too much. i liked Linsday and Rachel. Too many episodes were away from Bayside, at mall and places. Mr. belding and screech were clowns and took away from main story and were distracting. There was some real good eps, but not too many. Plus the show went for 7 seasons, how come they were in HS soo long ? and they werent even all in the same class. It was cool whenever some old class like Slater and Zach stopped by once or twice.
  • What a rip.

    Ok. The original was WAY more kick *** than this piece of cow poo (heh heh. I said cow poo). What the flippin' **** man? Why air this when the original was to freakin' awesome and way better in ratings than this. ****. What they **** were they even thinking? Oh. I know the answer to that. NOTHING!
  • i dont know what to right so i'm not going to right anything

    it was\'nt very bad but not very good at all either what were the directors thinking. the orignal saved by the bell cast were fab. i wish saved by the bell was still on.
    they should have never even thought of making a mew saved by the bell.
    who would watch it.
    apart from some old crook who had nothind else too do.
    i can\'t belive i even watched it before. the only person i know that would proably like it would be this girl called dammy and i\'m not sure shell even be able to afford the channel they do it on.
  • This is a COMPLETE rip off of the original, rather than a spin off. Many of the story lines are the same and are only made different by the fact that the cast is different and more corny. These people cant even ACT!!

    I used to LOVE the original Saved By the Bell and is still one of my faves on Nickelodeon. The cast was great and loveable and the story lines were never flat. I was upset when the episodes stopped playing... then they bought in The New Class. These people CANNOT act to save their lives. The only good characters on this show where Mr Belding and Screech, which were both from the original season.

    Also, all the story lines were generally copied. Two examples being the one in the play where two people who were already taken by other people had to kiss etc. as well as the whole Valley rivalry thing.

    This show is just a pathetic attempt to bring an extremely popular old series back to life with corny, new actors
  • Saved by the Bell the New Class was not better than the original. It was different, and with several character changes. I didn't like all the character changes. Why did some actors get taken out of a season? No one knows I am planning on buying Season 5 a

    This show was ok. I liked all the first and second season cast, but not beyond that. Season 4 had Lindsey Mckeon and Anthony Harrell who were the only two I liked. I thought this show was copied off the original cast. I did like when some of the original cast guest starred though. I miss Brian, RJ, Bobby, Scott and Weasel though. They were my favorites. The Season 1 and 2 cast were the best ones. I had to keep track of all the character changes though. I didn't like a lot of the characters such as Ryan, Rachel, Maria, and Vicki. I did like Nicky kinda, he is not my favorite. I actually don't like a lot of the characters on the new class. They're really not that great, except Brian, RJ, Megan, Bobby, Weasel, Scott, Katie, and Eric. Eric was cute, a great athlete, sweet, and original. He was also a great singer and dancer. I'm still watching the whole show though because I do like Lindsey Mckeon a lot, she's my favorite actress, and some of the other characters and it's Saved by the Bell.
  • Not as good as the original, but was still entertaining.

    Saved by the Bell was truly a guilty pleasure of mine as I journeyed through my pre-adolescent years. The adventures of the students from fictional Bayside High were always coming up with ideas to con their prinicipal, Mr. Belding. But as the original series was leaving the air, the following season the old gang entered college and an entire "new gang" roamed the halls.

    The first two seasons, in my opinion, were the WORST. The first was a carbon copy of the original series' style and the characters were weak imitations of Zack and the gang. Season 2 wasn't any better either. Although the producers decided to replace a few actors with new ones, the show wasn't any better. And with the addition of Dustin Diamond ("Screech") being added to the cast did not help the once popular sit-com.

    When season two ended, I was beginning to give up on the series. The show came back for a third season and the revolving cast changes continued. But with a few memorable characters joining the cast, it made the show actually watchable. I still enjoyed the antics of newcomers Richard Lee Jackson and Samantha Becker. In my opinion, I think of season 3 as the new class' freshman year.

    Season 4 brought back the humor and wit to the show. I love this season the best because it was the only one that had me in tears. I caught a few episodes of the latter seasons. I can't wait until Season 5 is available.
  • the saved by the bell new class remember it. didn\'t like it, the acting blow.

    the show was horrable in my mind. the acting was so awful. they thought there were funny in the show. and there were not so good. but ill still buy the boxset. if anyone know where i could find it at, please contact me. thanks.. the orignal saved by the bell is an classic. ttyl
  • This show was a bit it like The Original Saved by the Bell except with a whole bunch of kids, for most of the Young Cast, This was their first TV Acting Debut.

    This show has a wonderful cast From Newcomers to on TV Veterans, but for many this is thier First (or maybe only) TV Role they ever had. A Handful of People who Guest Starred on Saved by the Bell: The New Class went on to star in or make a Guest Appearance in other Peter Engel Produced shows including California Dreams, Hang Time, USA High, City Guys, One World and Malibu C.A. but the fun and Excitement at Bayside never stops.
  • Wasn't a Classic, but still nice to watch.

    I personally like cast changes in shows, as long as they're done right. This show is the perfect example of the cast changes done wrong. When a character left, the producers pretended like they had never exsisted. Such as Weasel. He was in the first season. In the premiere of season two, he was gone and there was no mention of him. The replacements had acted like they had been there from the beginning.

    That aside, I enjoyed "The New Class." No it didn't have the appeal the original show had, but it was still entertaining. The best way to describe this show is "Guilty Pleasure". Because I have a hard time admitting to people that I like this show. Yet I own the first 2 seasons (hopefully 3 soon)on DVD.