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Saved By the Bell focused on Zack Morris and his friends: Samuel "Screech" Powers, Kelly Kapowski, Jessie Spano, A.C. Slater and Lisa Turtle. They had adventures and funny moments at Bayside High School in Palisades, California. They often tried to fool the gullible principal, Mr. Richard Belding, but also sometimes got advice from him. They regularly hung out at a burger joint called "The Max," which was owned in the first season by a magician named Max.

As the years went by, they had adventures and relationships that lasted a long time. In the third season, the gang spent the summer at Malibu Sands, an exclusive beach club owned by Mr. Carosi, and his daughter Stacey Carosi, whom Zack fell in love with.

The final season saw the arrival of a new cast member, Tori Scott, who took the place of Kelly and Jessie when Tiffani-Amber Thiessen and Elizabeth Berkley left the show in mid-season. The show ended with the gang graduating and heading off to college in the spin-off series Saved by the Bell: the College Years. There was also another spin-off to this show called Saved by the Bell: TNC.

Saved By the Bell began as a short-lived comedy/drama series named Good Morning, Miss Bliss, which focused on teacher Miss Bliss and her students at John F. Kennedy Junior High School in Indianapolis, Indiana. After the show was cancelled by the Disney Channel, NBC picked up 4 of the characters (Zack, Screech, Lisa and Mr. Belding) and turned it into a new Saturday morning series called Saved by the Bell, which became more of a comedy concentrating on the antics of the students and was re-located to Bayside High School in Pacific Palisades, California.moreless
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  • One of my Top (School) Shows

    Most to all ep (07-09)
  • Not quite complete nor pefect!!!

    One problematic character, Screech Powers, wants to be equal with the other original class characters, which is his goal, but the original was too difficult for him, even if this is considered entertaining. They only put the Screech role in original class, when that class is not considered difficult. Otherwise, if the original class is still difficult, then they should not accept him too soon. The original class had complete popularity, but Screech's popularity was incomplete in the original class.

    It was a good idea for Screech to be accepted in the new class, besides the original class, because he was supposed to complete his popularity in the new class, and he did. But the since the new class was completely messed-up and was forced to stop airing reruns. Dustin Diamond, who played Screech, was officially banned and excluded from the original class reunion for no reason at all.

    That's why I rated this show a 1 because of that reunion incident and I'm glad they no longer aired and reruned this original class ever again.

    I prefer a Hang Time reunion instead.moreless
  • Grew up on this show.

    Great but I now hate Dustin Diamond.
  • Still remember it!

    I liked the show back in the nineties. I can see the intro music behind my eyes. Lately it airs on nick. I liked the characters on the show. What i notice is that it deals with teenage problems, maybe a little bit cheesy and unrealistic at times. But still recognizable to this day. Of course then they didn't all have cellphones (however i saw Zack with a brick once ) they weren't addicted to their computer with all of todays social media. You had to stay on the house phone if you wanted to talk to someone. Everybody from that time must remember their parents saying time to knock off the phone. I believe that this is like the first teen comedy drama series ever. In my opinion it's better then todays teen drama series. With meaningless plot lines and stories. Although saved by the bell could get a little bit cheesy around the edges. First its all comedy and then drama all of the sudden.moreless
  • Very nice.

    I'm pretty sure that my first love in life was Zac Morris. I loved watching this show and still try and catch it if it's on. It's got that cheesy but somehow still very entertaining humor about it. And although I do hate it when they put in all of the stuff that's meaningful and whatnot... (I enjoy my 90's humor without lectures but what 90's sitcom wasn't filled with lectures?) the rest of the show pretty much makes up for all of that. It's not like the cast was filled with the greatest actors or anything... but they definitely played their parts well.moreless

    Jimmy Fallon, Ever Nostalgic, Reunited the Saved by the Bell Cast for a Throwback Skit (VIDEO)

    The Tonight Show host took a trip to Bayside High to hang out with Zack and the rest of the gang.


    Here's Everything We Learned from Lifetime's Ridiculous Unauthorized Saved By the Bell Story

    The movie got some details right, even when others were obviously wrong.

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