Saved by the Bell

Season 1 Episode 6

Aloha Slater

Aired Saturday 11:00 AM Sep 23, 1989 on NBC

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  • Good but serious

    This was the 1st serious episode, but it was good!
  • Finally a serious episode.

    This episode was serious but funny, Slater has to make a choice to Hawaii or his friends for the rest of his life, another reason why I think Zack is pretty messed up, making his friends turn on him like that, stealing the trophy must really hurt, and the the girls get mad them at the end, when Zack was the real culprit. That made me pretty mad, I like how they had that friendly moment in the end. And I like the whole Slater dying lie, even though it was mean, it was very clever of Zack to think of that. An amazing episode.
  • slater is the new kid in school when his dad gets reassigned to the area and all the girls fall for him including kelly

    of course that doesnt make zack too happy..b/c hello he kind of has a thing for kelly..spoiler..slater is the new kid and he does impress everyone at first...the ladies more so but by wrestling and being good he impresses the guys..anyways zack doesnt like him and slater does push up on gets funny when they both start to compete for kellys affections..i was dying from laughter at that stage b/c it was just too hilarious..they both acted so goofy at this pt that it was hard not to laugh at them but at the same time you're like theyre guys
  • Warning: Contains spoilers.

    What happens when you make the son of a general very angry? Well, you get a series classic. This episode was hilarious in every way, and it deserves the 9.5/10. In fact, I might be changing this to 9.8/10. It's always fun to see Zack get his schemes turned back at him. This is a lesson you just have to learn in an every day thing.

    The plot is that Zack hears that Slater has a choice to go to Hawaii or stay at Palisades, California. Well, he decides to stay at Palisades, California. Zack, wanting Slater to leave decides to play a prank. He lies to the girls and say that Slater is dying and the girls have to convince Slater to move by being a jerk at him. That would make him want to leave. But, things go wrong when Slater figures out why everyone is being so mean to him. Well, everyone that he knows of course. Well, he does something to get back at Zack, but his dad would have to help him.

    This episode was very hilarious, and I enjoyed it so much.