Saved by the Bell

Season 1 Episode 10

Beauty and the Screech

Aired Saturday 11:00 AM Oct 21, 1989 on NBC

Episode Recap

Kelly is thrilled to win a radio contest for two tickets to a George Michael concert that upcoming Saturday. Of course, both Zack and Slater want to be her date, but she can't make up her mind and tells them she will let them know later.
Unfortunately, when Dr. Mertz gives back the tests in science, Kelly gets an F. She's afraid that she's going to fail the course and get grounded, which means that she'd miss the upcoming concert. Dr. Mertz reminds her that there's another test coming up that will count for half the final grade, but she has no confidence in passing it. Zack, afraid he's going to lose the chance to go to the concert with Kelly, talks Screech into tutoring her. Screech agrees, believing that by helping Kelly he'll also be impressing Lisa.
Screech and Kelly study together in his room. He finds ways to make science fun, and therefore easier to learn. It becomes obvious that Kelly is quite taken with Screech. The next day she admits that she has a crush on him, much to Lisa and Jessie's shock. She even brushes off Zack to study with Screech. Zack lets Slater know that they've both lost Kelly to Screech. At first Slater doesn't believe him, then has no choice when he sees it with his own eyes.
When Screech and Kelly get together to study that night, a jealous Slater and Zack show up to interrupt. However, Screech won't have it, and throws them both out, impressing Kelly even more. The news about Screech and Kelly being a couple spreads throughout Bayside (and the whole world, apparently). Desperate, Zack and Slater attempt to convince Mr. Belding that Screech and Kelly are getting married, hoping that the principal will put an end to all of this. However, after meeting with Screech, Mr. Belding quickly sees through the scheme, and Zack and Slater are in trouble.
The day of the science test comes and goes, and Kelly gets an A. She's thrilled, and to celebrate she wants to take Screech to the concert. Unfortunately, Screech isn't a fan of George Michael, and doesn't want to go. They try to figure out something that they can do together, but discover that they really have nothing in common. Their days are a couple are over, and Zack and Slater immediately move in. Kelly, however, is too sad to go to the concert, and gives the two tickets to Zack and Slater. Seeing no other options, they decide to go to the concert themselves.