Saved by the Bell

Season 1 Episode 10

Beauty and the Screech

Aired Saturday 11:00 AM Oct 21, 1989 on NBC

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  • Kelly likes Screech?!

    This episode was too hard to believe, that is just so weird, but the whole plot, on how unexpected it was is how much I liked it, finally the nerds gets the girl. I like how Zack & Slater were jealous, great plot overall. What I also liked about this episode is the fantasies, Kelly wearing the Pizza on her head, nerds are out. Also when everyone found out about Kelly & Screech, that was hilarious! And when Belding found out, also a funny moment. The end was pretty sad, personally I think Kelly still likes Screech to this day. And Zack & Slater's bromance in the end is hilarious, how they go to the concert together instead, amazing episode.
  • in order for kelly to go with him to the concert, he needs to find her a tutor in science and he picks screech, but soon becomes jealous

    ok after just reading the summary i start laughing b/c if u follow the show thoroughly u know that screech isnt really a threat and zack is just really being seems he gets jealous if anyone talks to he'll be jealous if lisa talks to kelly or something..he was just being plain silly..anyways spoiler..kelly is having trouble in science and if she doesnt get her grade up that means she cant go on her date with zack so of course this opens zacks eyes and makes him think fast b/c of course hes selfish..and it gets funnier when screech tutors kelly and they spends "a lot of time together"..zack just overreacts
  • Haha!

    I've heard about Saved by the Bell, but I haven't watched a full episode as far as I know. Well, that is no longer true as far as I know. As far as I know, I just finished watching my first episode that I've ever watched of Saved by the Bell as far as I know. As far as I know, I'm proud.

    In this episode, Screecher helps Kelly study. They start hanging out and Nerds are starting to get "in". Girls are starting to like Screecher and be around him. Kelly finally invites the boy who helped her get an A on her Science test, Screecher. I found this episode quite funny. Makes me remember Boys Meet World from the Disney Channel, except Saved by the Bell is funnier.