Saved by the Bell

Season 2 Episode 6

Blind Dates

Aired Saturday 11:00 AM Oct 13, 1990 on NBC

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  • Slater wants Kelly badly.

    This episode was great, reminds me of season 1, looks like Slater isn't so much over Kelly when he tries to get her back, and he does something clever & crazy just like the season 1 episodes. Jessie is going on a blind date, she really likes the guy until she finds out he's short. Out of all the people, I would of thought Jessie would not have this issue. But she seems to get over it. Screech is Zack, Zack has out done himself this time. A cringe-worthy moment is when Penny was telling Kelly about Zack. I thought they were going to break up but luckily tehy didn't. A good episode.
  • zack agrees to take belding's niece on a date but gets screech to do it; size matters for jessie

    the niece thing was pretty funny with zack of course always having screech to do his dirty work for him..spoiler..and screech being the lackey agrees and goes out on the date with beldings niece while zack had his other social engagement, kellys party..i think the funniest part of the whole ep was jessie with her height consciousness..i mean that was just plain silly but then at the same time im hard on myself for being short lol..i worry if the guys too tall..but anyways..i love when they have their little daydream sequences and shes just growing and growing that was funny and a bit ridiculous at the same time..who cares about height..if u like the guy u like thw guy
  • Brett is too short. (Spoilers)

    Although, this episode made me quite angry since I'm shorter than the average male, I did find this episode to be well written, though. Classic Saved By the Bell plot. Zack is going to a party, and he has to go out with the principal's niece or else he would be suspended. Well, the good thing is, the niece won't recognize him unless he has a red rose. So, Screech will pretend he's Zack just by having the red rose. How dumb of the principal to be so stupid! Hah.

    The plot was well written. While the stuff is going on, Kelly is hooked up with a blind date. But her blind date, Brett, is shorter than her. She gets angry and decides to call off the date, but then decides to forgive him because she was acting too mean. I like this idea, because this could teach kids who watch the show to not be so mean to short people.

    This episode was funny, and got me to be clenching my fist at times. Well, not really. But it was exciting like many of the Saved by the Bell episodes. Classic "Zack gets in trouble" plot, except it doesn't have that spark the other Saved by the Bell episodes. I can't wait to buy the Season One box set. DVDs of course..
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