Saved by the Bell

Season 3 Episode 10

Boss Lady

Aired Saturday 11:00 AM Oct 19, 1991 on NBC

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  • Another great Malibu Sands installment.

    This episode took place during the middle of the gang's Summer jobs at the Malibus Sands beach club. At first i didnt like the switch to the beach but the more and more i watched of it i ended up liking them. Plus it was nice to see them actually film on the beach and not on a set. A fun little fact i heard on the DVD commentary is that all of the scenes that took place indoors (kitchen, employee lounge, dining room) were all done on sets and not actually at the beach club. Now on to this episode.

    The episode starts off with the beach club owner/boss, Mr. Carosi, announcing that he will be away for a few days and that his daughter Stacey will be in charge in his absence. There is a 50th anniversary party that the club has to prepare for. The downside however is that there is also a Sweet 16 birthday party booked for the same day and time as Mr. Carosi double-booked the parties. After some clever thinking Zack convinces the girl having the Sweet 16 party to have it outdoors on the beach and all is we think. Throughout the episode Screech walks the beach with a metal detecter hoping to find gold. He ends up finding one gold coin but the idea of there being more out there has everybody digging up holes on the beach. To make matters worse (yea it gets worse) the kitchen staff think theyre underpaid and go on strike. Lifeguard Kelly alerts Zack and Stacey that the beach is getting dug up and makes it impossible for the Sweet 16 party to be held there. The gang makes a plan to have the anniversary party as quick as possible and then have the Sweet 16 party. They try their hand at cooking but fail miserably and the kitchen staff come to the rescue. The anniversary party starts but moves slower then originally thought and the people for the other party have already arrived. Stacey finally comes clean to both parties and admits that they accidently double-booked the two parties. Disaster is averted however when some slick thinking gets both parties to mingle and dance with each other and they end up having a good time. The episode ends with Mr. Carosi coming back, admitting that he messed up, and gives the kicthen staff the raise they deserved.
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