Saved by the Bell

Season 2 Episode 17

Breaking Up is Hard to Undo

Aired Saturday 11:00 AM Dec 16, 1990 on NBC

Episode Recap

Zack and Kelly are thrilled to be about to celebrate an anniversary, while Jessie and Slater finally decide to admit their feelings for one another and become an official couple. But when Zack says that he wants to celebrate their anniversary Saturday night, Kelly shocks him by telling him that she has plans with an ex-boyfriend who is coming for a visit. Things seem to be much better for Jessie and Slater, and they agree to make plans for Saturday night.

At The Max, Jessie and Slater get together to talk about their plans for Saturday. To Slater's shock, Jessie has made plans for them to attend a ballet. Then it's Jessie's turn to be shocked, as he tells her that he's bought them two tickets to a football game. Furious at each other, they break up on the spot. Then Zack shows up to give Kelly an ultimatum: break her date with her ex-boyfriend or else. Kelly doesn't appreciate what Zack is doing, so she breaks up with him as well.

The feud between Zack and Kelly and Jessie and Slater spills over into a student council meeting, leading Mr. Belding to bring them all into his office. Once he finds out what the problem is, he scolds all of them for acting so immature in their relationships. Then, when his wife calls, he sees an opportunity to show them how adults act in their relationships. Unfortunately, he quickly winds up in a fight with his wife, leading him to change his tune and take the boys' side in their fight. Kelly and Jessie furiously storm off.

Mr. Belding, upset after his fight, pours his heart out to a very uncomfortable Screech. Screech tries to get away from him, but winds up leading him to Zack's room, where he and Slater are waiting and hoping for Kelly and Jessie to call. They're surprised to see Mr. Belding there, and horrified when he decides to hang out with them.

Meanwhile, Kelly and Jessie are feeling really bad about their fight, but are also being too stubborn to budge. Lisa convinces them that Zack and Slater are good guys, and that they deserve a second chance. She goes to Zack's room to let them know that Kelly and Jessie want to get back together with them, but Mr. Belding convinces them not to fall for it, and to hold out until they can make up on their terms.

Realizing that Mr. Belding isn't going anywhere, and is going to continue to hang out with them, Zack decides to send roses to Mr. Belding from his wife, and to his wife from Mr. Belding, so that each would think the other had caved in and wanted to make up. The plan works, and Mr. Belding makes up with his wife and, more importantly, he leaves Zack and Slater alone. Afterwards they invite Kelly and Jessie to The Max and put on skits to show how they should have acted as a way of apologizing, and both couples wind up back together.