Saved by the Bell

Season 2 Episode 17

Breaking Up is Hard to Undo

Aired Saturday 11:00 AM Dec 16, 1990 on NBC

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  • Kelly & Jessie break up with Slater & Zack.

    This is a funny episode. Also one of my favorites. I love all the insults they shoot at each other. It''s hilarious! I hated how Mr. Belding ruined it for them. But I liked how they made up, Slater baleting(or however you spell it) & Zack reanacting the scene, was so funny. But I am so suprised that they forgave them so easily. My favorite line is "I'm crying cause I need to go to the bathroom & I don't know what stall to go in" That really made my day when he said that. This was a great episode & I highly recommend it.
  • Warning: Contains spoilers.

    We are men. We don't need women, right? If you have ever said that after breaking up with a woman, you should watch this episode and see what you should have done and shouldn't have done. Zack and Kelly and Slater and Jessie breaks up after disagreements. You'll find this episode very entertaining, and if you are a huge fan of Slater, you'll find the audience "wooh"ing over him in a ballet suit.

    After many disagreements, the guys break up with the girls and they find themself with Mr. Belding who also broke up with his wife, and they are eating pizza in Zack's room and doing guy things. After Mr. Belding tells them to do things to not win the girls back, they soon realize that that's wrong and they go back to their healthy relationship.

    This episode was very entertaining, and it showed a side of Mr. Belding and Slater that we have never seen. We see more of Slater and Jessie's relationship, and how much they love each other before they throw it all way and then come back to each other with a play.