Saved by the Bell

Season 4 Episode 13

Class Rings

Aired Saturday 11:00 AM Oct 17, 1992 on NBC

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  • Screech and Tori make such a cute couple...LOL.

    The episode focused heavily on class rings (hence the name of the title) and the brief Tori/Screech relationship. Zack chooses to get in charge of getting the rings and meets a shady salesman named Gem Diamond (who would also guest star with the same character in California Dreams). Meanwhile Tori is upset at the lack of respect Lisa shows Screech. They make a bet that if Tori can spent one night at the movies with Screech and not go crazy then Lisa would have to be nice to him the rest of the episode. Tori's plan works but then backfires as now Screech falls in love with Tori. Meanwhile Zack gets a great deal on the price of the rings and they even get delivered the day after the order was placed. Screech becomes borderline obsessive with his fling with Tori and Zack decides it needs to end. He sets up a plan to make Screech feel sorry for him but it backfires as Screech doesnt want to have anything to do with it. The next plot twist is when everyone that got rings notice that the rings were fake and left green markings around the finger. Zack ends up faking that he wants to join partners with Gem and take over every local high school. He lures Gem Diamond into a meeting at The Max to dicuss their business venture but its all a trick. Screech comes into The Max in full ninja gear demanding that Gem give everyone their real proper rings. After "physically taking out" Zack and Slater, Screech gets in Gem's face to handle him too but Gem speeds off and agrees to fix everyones rings. The episode ends with the correct rings arriving. It also has Zack getting Tori back while Screech has girls sweating him left and right after the way he handled the Gem situation and in the end everything is back to normal at Bayside.