Saved by the Bell

Season 2 Episode 12

Close Encounters of the Nerd Kind

Aired Saturday 11:00 AM Nov 23, 1990 on NBC

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  • Predictable.

    This episode you could say was funny at some points but still could never happen in real life. It all starts with a brokien camera, I loved the intro skit by the way, with the aline sucking out Jessie's brains, anyways they trick a tabloid, making them think Screech is an alien. You must be stupid to think that Screeech were to be an alien, especially a government agent from the CIA. The only really funny part is when the gvernment agent is in Belding's office and messes everything up. Oh well, I guess a mediocre plot, with okay punchlines. Okay episode.
  • Warning: Contains spoilers.

    This episode was one of the first episodes I've seen for the series Saved By the Bell, and this is one of those episodes that got me hooked on the series like it was something terrible. This episode was hilarious, and it can teach you a lesson in the end like some episodes of the series can, too. This lesson might be, don't lie for money. But, I don't really know what the lesson is.

    Zack finds out he can make money by sending a picture of an extra terrestrial to a tabloid, so he makes Screech dress up as an extra terrestrial. When the man in the tabloid who is actually a government worker of some sort wants to see Screech, or the alien in person, Zack is forced to have Screech dress up so the lie won't be much a lie anymore. But, things go wrong when he figures things out. This will end up having Mr. Belding help.

    This episode was hilarious, and this can be a great episode to leave a first impression of the series if this is your first time watching the series.
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