Saved by the Bell

Season 1 Episode 8

Cream for a Day

Aired Saturday 11:00 AM Oct 07, 1989 on NBC

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  • Kelly is very conceited in this episode.

    Kelly tries to be Homecoming Queen at any cost. Which is sort of scary, I cannot believe she had that outburst and blamed Zack and saying she never wanting to see him again, that's a bit rash, just because your face is maroon for a day. It doesn't make sense either, I didn't even see a pimple on her face, it's nuts! But teenagers do have acne problems. Which was good that they mentioned it here on Saved By The Bell, I love then Bayside chant, and they show that clip of Slater winning the touchdown, they won because of the maroon faces, that's great!
  • Warning: Contains spoilers.

    What would you do if your face turned Maroon colored? Well, that's what happened to a number of people after trying the new Zit cream! Yes, this zit cream is enough to ruin your day instead of helping your day, but it's enough.. okay I don't know what else to type.

    The plot of this episode is that Zack finds a zit removal recipe but it ends up having someone's face turn maroon colored the day after the person puts the cream. It's on all the places the person put the cream, but, it's temporarily and will remove the next day.

    I thought this episode was hilarious. There, 109 words.
  • Kelly learns that looks can get you pretty far but her great personality and awesome attitude wins her the crown. Her Black boots with yellowish-orange dress was a fashion trend setter.

    Decent episode. Crater Face was superb. Kelly realizes her looks aren\\\'t her only strong point. Muffin was very hot and should have gotten more air time. The Cheer was \\\"B-BA-B-BA-BA-BA-B GP BAYSIDE.\\\" Basically just saying the letter B not \\\"Beep\\\". That is the only correction I really saw fit. I do approve of Bayside beating Valley in football as it seems that, that wasn\\\'t their strong point. My favorite part of the episode is the \\\"Token Black Guy\\\". You know, the one with glasses and headphones (on some episodes). He makes sure there is little doubt he is in the episode by getting front and center during the cheer.
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