Saved by the Bell

Season 1 Episode 8

Cream for a Day

Aired Saturday 11:00 AM Oct 07, 1989 on NBC



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  • Quotes

    • Belding: Zack, I've had it up to here with your antics...and I'm a tall guy!

    • (Screech walks into the class whistling)
      Zack: Screech..what're you so happy about?
      Screech: Look at this face..tell me what you see!
      (Screech raises up his chin)
      Zack: Proof that there's life on other planets.

    • Slater: Hey guys, got anything for your star quarterback?
      Zack: Life insurance! We haven't beaten valley in twenty two years.
      Lisa: Twenty-three...but who's counting?

    • Mr. Belding: It's a little early for the tiger suit, isn't it?
      Screech: Uh...there were mice in the building, Mr. Belding!

    • Zack: Kelly, Kelly, Kelly. You know when we're in college we're going to laugh about this.

    • Zack: Yeah, I'm gonna be famous alright. 'Student Attacked by Blotchy Maroon Mob,' film at eleven.

    • Charlie Coburn: Alright, now what about my ten bucks?
      Zack: Oh yeah, here you go.
      Charlie Coburn: Hey, wait a minute, Jason Bateman's not on a ten-dollar bill!
      Zack: Oh, you noticed.

    • Zack: Did you wash your face today?
      Screech: Why would I do that during the week?

    • Screech: Zack, quick, you've got to help me. My worst nightmare has come true!
      Zack: You found out ALF was a puppet?
      Screech: He is?!

    • Mr. Bennett: This is Chemistry class, not Love Connection. If you don't finish your experiment, I'll have to experiment with your grades.

  • Notes

    • Odd, I don't know any school that allows a freshman to be Homecoming Queen- maybe on court, but not Queen.

    • This is the episode with the famous "Beep-b-beep-b-b-beep, beep, beep-b-beep-b-b-beep, Go Bayside!" chant.

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