Saved by the Bell

Season 3 Episode 23

Cut Day

Aired Saturday 11:00 AM Dec 07, 1991 on NBC

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  • Some people are ditching class, some people are ditching each other.

    This episode was unexpectedly sad, at first it seemed like a light episode, another one of Slater & Zack's bets, another one of Zack's crazy schemes, and another thing to protest about, seemed all original Saved By The Bell material, but towards the end of the episode, you could see sparks fly between Slater & Kelly, also with Graham & Jessie, Slater & Kelly should of hooked up after that. But the painful thing to see was Jessie & Slater breaking up, that was so unexpected, completely caught me off guard. Anyways overall, a good episode, but wow was that sad.
  • Its Cut Day at Bayside and while most of the gang is ectsatc, Zack is forced to be in school because of his track record of unexcused abcenses.

    Besides Zack, Jessie and a classmate named Graham also refuse to cut in order to stop a delivery truck from deliviring plastic foam cups. You know how Jessie gets when shes on that whole "save the planet" mindset. The main plot however is the bet made between Zack and Slater. The bet consisted of Zack showing up during school hours at every location Slater is at, escentially sneaking out of class. These locations include The Max, the beach, and the movie theatre. Even though Belding is keeping a close eye on Zack, Zack still manages to sneak out and meet up with Slater. You could tell that Slater was starting to feel the heat at the beach as it got later into the episode/school day and Zack kept on showing up.

    The other story plot is that Jessie and Graham are starting to get more and more closer working together as are Slater and Kelly as the more time they spend together. Zack sees this very suspicious and tries to find a way to beat all four of them to The Max. At the end Zack gives belding chocolate covered insects to distract him so he could get a clean getaway to The Max. Zack is one minute late as far as the bet with Slater concerns and is now out $100. Just as theyre about to leave to get the money, Slater bumps into Graham and Jessie giggling together and Slater gets suspicious. After they talk things over they both agree that they need time apart and to everyones shock, the argument ends in a civil manner. My favorites parts about this episode were the variouts locations scenes/sets used for this episode. We got to see the beach, movie theatre, and The Max all in a matter of half the episode. I wish they had used the beach scenes a little more besides the obvious Malibu Sands episodes.
  • Zack cuts class every minitue.

    It is senior cut day.Altough Zack,isn't allow to cut any classes.Since Mr.Beldling told him that he shouldn't and if he catches him cut classes.Than Zack would get detetion.Than Slater and Zack begin to make an bet to each other.So in every classes that Zack goes he tricks the teachers than Mr.Belding of course.When Jessie is with another guy.He knew Slater would be mad at Jessie for going out with someone else.So at the max Slater and Jessie confronted with other than they decided to break up and see other people.

    They break up numerous time.They are always together apparently.But college is an different story.
  • This is a classic saved by the bell episode in which the annual cut day has arrived at bayside.

    Cut day has arrived at bayside high and mr.belding is going to make sure zack is at every class.This is one of those episodes that showcase the ongoing rivalry between zack and slater(who bet's zack that there's no way zack will cut out on every class)This is a great episode.