Saved by the Bell

Season 1 Episode 1

Dancing to the Max

Aired Saturday 11:00 AM Aug 20, 1989 on NBC

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  • Good episode

    This was a great episode, but the episodes are really out of order. Episode #16 is really the first episode.
  • Guys, this is not the Pilot episode.

    Just because this episode is the first episode to be aired, does not make this the Pilot episode, I hate how Saved By The Bell episodes are out of order, why would they put them out of order, this was a very silly episode, mostly a dance episode, personally I think Jessie & Zack should of won the dance contest. The sprain is not a very cool dance, you look like a doof dancing like that, I wanted Jessie & Zack to hook up in this episode, there so perfect for each other. Anyways a good not pilot episode with great dance moves.
  • Good first episode.

    This was a pretty good first episode. The acting didn't seem to be as good as it is later in the series to me. Very predictable. Zack did no fourth wall moments that I noticed...nothing ever froze in time to let Zack stop and talk about what was going on. Kelly seemed very shallow to me. Didn't have a lot of lines, though either. She just didn't seem to have any depth in this episode, she was just the pretty girl that they wanted to go to the dance off with. I really liked Jessie's character in this one. Her being worried about her being to tall was relatable and realistic.
    All in all. Good episode but not great.
  • Wow. I never had realized this was the first episode, but in a way, that just makes it much more special for me...

    While I'll admit this episode is a bit off for a "first episode", it's definitely not underrated at all. It's quite an awesome episode, it gives you a good feel of the characters, and the actual episode is fairly interesting and fun to watch, but one thing in this episode is that it has some of my favorite songs from the series. I love the song that plays when they're dancing and their version of Bach's piece which happens to be a favorite of his.

    Lots of excellent music choices are picked throughout the series and having such good ones in the first episode proves that.

    The only thing I really have to say negatively though is if this was ever the actual first episode I saw, I probably wouldn't have liked Kelly as much as I do. She doesn't have as much personality in this, but it really is quite good either way.
  • First episode, with guest star Casey Kasem to brighten up the audience. Will contain spoilers! I'm warning you!

    After the unsuccessful Good Morning, Miss Bliss, the characters are back with a Bang. The episode starts off with not-so-good humor that I actually found funny, but the audience didn't seem to enjoy that. In the end, I can tell that the audience had a good time, especially since Casey Kasem, an American radio personality and voice actor is there.

    The plot is not so well as later episodes, but here it is. Zack and A.C. challenge each other for a dance-off at a dance competition that Max announced hosted by Casey Kasem. But, Kelly has to choose between Zack and A.C. who to dance with. Zack actually doesn't know how to dance, so he asks for the help of Jessie, who he then chooses to go to the dance with. In the end, guess who won? Screech and Lisa?! If you know the show, you will find out that Screech and Lisa have been wanting to go out since the beginning, which was this episode.

    Well, I don't know Good Morning, Miss Bliss, but I do know this episode and I say that this is a hit. This hit started for the show that we all know as Saved By The Bell. The humor was excellent, the guest star Casey Kasem didn't seem to be very well since I really don't know who he is, but the character development is amazing. Since I chose the score before typing the review, I still won't change it. This episode deserves the 9.2/10 rating.

    I recommend this episode. You don't have to watch this episode to watch the series, which is currently on TBS in the morning before Fresh Prince of Bel-Air as far as I know, but it is recommended if you have seen the other episodes. This episode is not a good first impression for the series, since it wasn't the best and it doesn't show much about one of my favorite characters, Zack. But, if you know that this episode is not the best of the series without watching the other episodes, than this episode is okay to watch.
  • Oh the days of casiey casem!

    Ok so this was i guess the first official episode of Saved by the bell with the cast that all would come to remember. WE meet kelly and Jessie as well as slater. Schreech, zack and lisa we already know. SO the whole point of this episode is that there is a dance show coming to there favorite hang out, the MAX and they all have chance to be on the show. So Zack and slater fight for Kelly's affection to be there team mate. Zack can't dance so jessie teaches him and he decides to team up with jessie meanwhile lisa hurts her ankle and teams up with schreech after that. They end up winning and everyone is happy. I like how they all pretty much end up happy
  • My favorite episode of the series and I have no idea why! **Contains Spoiler**

    This episode is my favorite of the series and honestly, I don't know why. I do like watching them dance and I like seeing the rivalry between Zack and Slater over Kelly. Slater wins Kelly and that forces Zack to dance with Jessie and prove that he doesn't really know how to dance. This shows Zack's friendship with Jessie. This episode also shows Lisa and Screech's relationship. He's the annoying nerd that wants to date her and she claims she wants nothing to do with him. Instead of being hurt by it, he's there in her time of need. She injures her ankle and he still wants to dance with her. She doesn't turn him away. This episode shows true friendship means the most.
  • average for this stupid, unrealistic show

    This episode certainly isn't the worst the series would ever produce. I guess it's adequate for a first episode. Zach deciding to go with Jesse over Kelly when he was at the height of his persuit of Kelly was relatively well written but anyone could have seen it coming, and they would explore Jesse's height fears in later episodes, though in worse ways. The Screech and Lisa dance is just painful to watch though, so cover your eyes or change the channel.
  • Every one knows this one...

    Every one who watches Saved by the Bel knows this episode but not many people could actually tell that this was the first. It seems out of place in the story line. The writers had really not established anything in the story line at this point with Slater and Zach so it would have been hard to watch had on its orginal air date.
  • Relatively good first episode.

    The first episode of a new show is always an experiment, and in this case it worked well. A humorous episode which has all the comedy of later episodes as well as the trademark Zack talking to the camera. Although not the best storyline overall rather good. Oh, and Mario Lopez (Slater) looked very good in spandex. (Which there is a lot of in later episodes as he is on the wrestling team.)
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