Saved by the Bell

Season 3 Episode 15

Date Auction

Aired Saturday 11:00 AM Nov 09, 1991 on NBC

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  • Both Zack and Lisa get a reality check about themselves when they start hanging out with their dates from The Date Auction.

    This episode had two main stories to it. The first was Lisa and her attempt to impress an intellectual guy that she liked. The second was Zack learning how to accept a girl for more then just her looks.

    The episode starts with a Student Council meeting and the gang decides to hold a date auction with the proceeds going to get new cheerleader uniforms. As usual Jessie thinks is sexist and threatens that if any girl bids on Slater theyre dead meat. At the date auction Kelly ends up bidding on Slater and Jessie gets jealous and ends up bidding on the next guy who just happened to be Screech. Lisa ends up purchasing a smart guy named Brian who wasnt too fond of Lisa and her mall addicted self. He was more into reading. Lisa decided to change her appearance and her hobbies to fit what Brian wanted but ended up looking like a phony. Zack ended up getting purchased by an overweight girl named Wendy. Zacks original plan was to get a good looking girl named Lydia to buy him but she didnt have enough money so Wendy got him. Zack didnt have any interest in Wendy because of her looks and decided to make up a bunch of lies to get out of hanging out with her. She eventually catches him in one of his lies and says that shes going to blow him off for the dance. This gives Zack a wake-up call that he needs to stop being so shallow. The episode ends with a school dance to celebrate the auction and the new cheerleader uniforms. While at the dance Brian insults Lisa's friends which ended up being the last straw with her. She tears her business suit off to reveal a skirt and regular shirt and tells Brian to kiss off. Zack ends up telling Wendy hes sorry and at first she doesnt forgive him but by the end of the episode they share a dance together.

    This episode was good in that it showed that you should just be yourself and dont taint the way you act to cater to somebody you like. It also showed that looks arent everything and whats inside counts too. Both Zack and Lisa played good roles in this episode and showed that even they can have flaws.