Saved by the Bell

Season 4 Episode 9

Day of Detention

Aired Saturday 11:00 AM Oct 03, 1992 on NBC

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  • I loved this episode. Despite Tori, it was a great episode.

    Notes: All the goofs that landed everyone in detention:

    1) Okay, Slater should've shown his pain more. He obviously looked like he faked it. When Ox comes, Zack quickly brushed him aside.
    2) Tori/Lisa: Tori really messed up this prank attempt. Notice she starts with that deeper Mrs. Morris-like voice. Then she changes her voice after Belding acknowledges her on the phone. Also, why would she use the phone closest to where detention is being held? There was another one in the building (the one Slater used attempting to reach Ken Kelly). I'm surprised it took Belding all the way to the school bell ringing to realize that someone was in the hallway on the phone. 3) Screech was being Screech. Calls Belding a doofus. Then he asks if he has detention and then shakes Belding's hand. Tori was the worst and she was very unpopular.
  • The episode starts with Zack getting put into detention because of his constant cell phone use during school hours. To make matters worse, there is a local radio station contest being held at The Max during the hours that Zacks in detention.

    The gang discovers that there is a local radio station broadcasting from The Max and they will be giving away two free ticks to Hawaii for the tenth caller. The gang try to discover their own methods on how to become that tenth caller. Zack and Screech come up with the best idea yet and pose as phone company workers. Although they say that theyre there to double check the phone, its really a ploy to have Screech monitor the incoming calls. Screech proceeds to block all the incoming calls until Zack calls and Screech puts him through. He is declared the winner as long as he gets to The Max by 4 o'clock to answer a few questions. Unfortunately Belding catches him on the phone and into detention he goes pretty much losing the Hawaii trip. While in detention Zack thinks of ways to get back the trip. He involves Slater, Tori, Lisa, and even Screech in his plans but none of them work out and worse yet they all too end up in detention. Zacks last desperation act is to fake like hes still in detention and sneak out to go to The Max to make it in time. He barely makes it and has to answer three Hawaii related questions to win the trip. He breezes through the first two but gets the third one wrong. The radio DJ said that the next person that walks through the door and answers the third question correctly will win the trip. To everyones surprise it ends up being Mr. Belding and he answers the question correctly. He wins the tickets and thanks Zack for the tickets, thinking that he had something to do with it. All in all it was one of those fun episodes where you really dont know what directions its going to head into at the end. I just cant get enough though of how big a dummy Screech is. I mean going back to Bayside to see what the first thing Zack would do if he went to Hawaii was so reminicent of the "All In The Mall" U2 episode where he loses his place in line to ask another stupid question thus solidifying his character as one of the most iditotic characters in television history.
  • Don't use cell phones on school property and don't try to get your friend out of detention even if he or she asks you to.

    Zack uses his cell phone on school property to win a trip to Hawaii and he ends up in detention. Slater fakes his leg injury and he ends up in detention. Lisa and Tori try getting Zack out of detention by telling Mr. Belding that Zack's mom needs him because there is a mudslide and and her muffins are ready. Tori and Lisa get detention as well. Screech goes in and Mr. Belding tells him that this for people who are in detention. Screech calls him a Dufus and he gets detention as well. Screech ruins Mr. Belding's Bonzai tree as a result when he gives him wrong insructions to how it should be cut. Zack sneaks out to get to Ken Kelly to win a trip to Hawaii instead he loses it to Mr. Belding who caught him at the Max.
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