Saved by the Bell

Season 4 Episode 9

Day of Detention

Aired Saturday 11:00 AM Oct 03, 1992 on NBC

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  • I loved this episode. Despite Tori, it was a great episode.

    Notes: All the goofs that landed everyone in detention:

    1) Okay, Slater should've shown his pain more. He obviously looked like he faked it. When Ox comes, Zack quickly brushed him aside.
    2) Tori/Lisa: Tori really messed up this prank attempt. Notice she starts with that deeper Mrs. Morris-like voice. Then she changes her voice after Belding acknowledges her on the phone. Also, why would she use the phone closest to where detention is being held? There was another one in the building (the one Slater used attempting to reach Ken Kelly). I'm surprised it took Belding all the way to the school bell ringing to realize that someone was in the hallway on the phone. 3) Screech was being Screech. Calls Belding a doofus. Then he asks if he has detention and then shakes Belding's hand. Tori was the worst and she was very unpopular.