Saved by the Bell

Season 4 Episode 11

Drinking and Driving

Aired Saturday 11:00 AM Oct 10, 1992 on NBC

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  • Out of all the stupid, crazy and inconsiderate things Zack has done, this is one of them.

    They really should've let Screech drive, since he never drinks. I like how Zack's father yelled at Zack about how he could've killed someone or himself, and as punishment, Zack's car keys have been taken away... for good. Lesson learned: NEVER drive while you're drunk, because there will be consequences.
  • A lesson is learned at Bayside.

    I really like this episode because this episode wasn't all kiddie kiddie like the usual episodes, a serious issue about drinking & driving but then it turned in to lying to everyone, it revolved around homecoming, I like how Zack's dad yelled at Zack at the end, also when Lisa is so mean, they would of never got in the accident if Screech was driving but Lisa didn't let him, so sad at the end. This was a lesson learned. Lisa was homecoming queen, I like how Tori didn't drink & was responsible then they had the hangover, has some great plot elements. A great episode.
  • An accident drives home the consequences of DUI...and then an ill-fated cover-up drives home a whole lot more.

    While this episode's intentions couldn't be better, the handling leaves a lot to be desired. It's never quite clear as to whether the gang's parents are more furious about having been lied to, or about their kids' trying to drive while drunk. (Perhaps a better title for the episode would have been "DUI Aggravation.") Worst of all is the anti-climactic wrap-up: Imagine, Zack has finally come clean about what he did, shown his willingness to undo the damage...and what happens? Derek Morris rubs his son's nose in the stupidity of the incident, and in the fact that Zack could have killed himself or somebody else. Then he throws Zack's keys and license in the garbage, and marches him into the house like a Jew headed for some concentration camp. Bet Zack's sure glad he owned up to THIS guy; it's a wonder Derek didn't think to have his son arrested, while he was at it. This final scene would have worked just fine in the MIDDLE of the episode; perhaps, if Zack and Company had confessed then and there, all would have been forgiven. However, here at the END, all it does is beat us over our heads with the same moral it's already outlined. Saved By the Bell is a thirty-minute show; if we have not established within the first twenty-nine of those minutes that driving while intoxicated is crazy and uncool, then Houston, we have a major problem.
  • The theme of this episode is Don't Drink and Drive.

    This episode was a great one in that it teaches the dangers of drinking and driving in a Saved By The Bell kind of way. The episode starts off with everyone excited about Homecoming. The football players decide to throw a toga party. There ends up being beer there and while reluctant at first, Zack, Slater, and Lisa end up drinking. Fast foward to the end of the party. Lisa has her moms Benz but feels too drunk to drive. Zack volunteers thinking that hes sober enough but he was wrong. On the way home Zack takes his eyes off the road and hits a telephone pole. Luckily no one is seriously hurt but the car has some damage. The rest of the episode is mostly a series of lies that Zack and Lisa tell to their parents to try to wiggle their way out of the accident mess. At the end though Zack gets sick of having to lie so much and comes clean to his father and Lisas mom. The episode ends with Zacks father really upset at the dumb decision his son made saying he could have killed himself or someone else and takes away his drivers license for awhile.