Saved by the Bell

Season 4 Episode 22


Aired Saturday 11:00 AM Nov 21, 1992 on NBC

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  • Mrs. Belding is pregnant and weeks away from the delivery date. After the gang holds Mrs. B. a baby shower they all go seperate ways. Minutes later an earthqauke hits sending things into chaos including Mrs. B. going into labor in an elevator.

    The episode starts off with Belding doing breathing excersises in anticipation for his upcoming child that is due in only a couple of weeks. Zack does his usual "bet on the day Mrs. B has her kid and win money" scheme. Right after the baby pool scheme, he has a Physics mid-term that he totally forgot about. Zack looks to be in deep crap when all of a sudden the earthquake drill bell rings temporarily postponing the mid-term. Meanwhile Tori, having never been around any types of earthquakes, goes completely nutso and paranoid bugging out about how it can happen at anytime. A classic scene is when she walks into The Max with her motorcycle helmet still on and a crappy "earthquake survival kit". The gang tells her to relax. All of a sudden Belding and his wife come into The Max and join the gang at their table. The topic of baby showers comes up and Zack comes up with his usual brilliant idea. He asks Belding if he and the rest of the gang can be excused from their Physics class to attend the shower, in which he obliges.

    Fast foward to the shower where gifts are exchanged like Slater giving an oversized Bayside football jersey while Tori gives Belding a hat that says "Coach" on it since hes going to have to be the coach in this time of pregancy. The shower ends and the gang goes their own seperate ways. Screech offers to carry the gifts to Beldings car. Belding has to go back to his office to get his car keys. Meanwhile Zack, Tori, and Mrs. B. hed to the faculty elevator to make it downstairs more safely. All of the sudden an earthquake erupts at Bayside causing lockers to fall over, trophy cases to almost topple over, etc. Screech and Belding get locked in his office and cant get out. Zack, Tori, and Mrs. B. get stuck in the elevator as the power went off. Unfortunately for them Mrs. B. starts going into labor in the elevator leading Tori to bug out and huddle in the corner. Zack convinces her to man up and help out. Meanwhile Slater almost got hit by falling lockers but managers to escape unscathed. They hear Belding and Screech saying that theyre locked in the office in which Slater kicks the door down and lets them out. Belding immediately runs to the elevatory to check on Becky (his wife) and out of nowhere you hear the faint sound of a baby. The power goes back on and out of the elevator comes the newest member of the Belding family, and a boy at that. The episode ends with the gang all rejoiced that the baby is alive and healthy and judging by the damage, theyre also lucky that no one got seriously injured. I personally liked this episode because its our first glimps at the infamous Mrs. Belding who we had heard so much about but had never met her before. I also like the Earthquake aspect of it and the Zack/Tori/Becky stuck in elevator dynamic. It really showed what they both were made of to be able to deliver a baby under those circumstances.