Saved by the Bell

Season 3 Episode 9

Fake I.D.'s

Aired Saturday 11:00 AM Oct 19, 1991 on NBC

Episode Recap

Zack meets a beautiful girl named Danielle at The Max who is having a problem with her car. He takes advantage of the opportunity to get to know her, offering to change her tire rather than have her wait for the auto club. Seeing that she's a student as USC, he convinces her that he's a student there as well, and even gets a date with her at The Attic, an over-18 dance club. Too bad he's only 16.

While the rest of the class works on their projects in photography class, Screech uses the time to make fake IDs for himself, Zack, and Slater. That night they use the IDs to get into the club. Zack has a great time with Danielle, while Slater hangs out with a couple of her friends. Unfortunately, he winds up boring them to tears by spending the whole night talking about Jessie. And Screech winds up being the date of a wild woman who is a regular at the club. After Danielle and her friends leave, the guys are stunned to see Kelly's boyfriend Jeff there, and with another girl.

The next day at school the guys are exhausted from their night at The Attic. They wind up telling Jessie and Lisa about the fake IDs, and of course they want them too. They also tell them about seeing Jeff, and everyone agrees that someone needs to tell Kelly, and that someone should be Zack. Of course, Kelly doesn't believe Zack when he tells her, and she tells him off, but can't help but notice how suspiciously Jeff is acting.

The gang decides to go to The Attic and catch Jeff in the act, and Screech gets to work making IDs for Jessie and Lisa. While he does it, Kelly confronts him and asks him the truth about Jeff. He tells her that he did see Jeff there, and Kelly is obviously hurt. She also wants an ID for herself.

Zack, Slater, Screech, Jessie, and Lisa all go to the club to wait for Jeff. Zack, meanwhile, is upset that Danielle has stood him up. In reality, however, she's running late and calls Zack's room to let him know, and his mother takes the call. Sure enough, Jeff is there with another woman, and the plan is to take a picture of him as evidence, and then for Slater to punch him while he's blinded by the flash. But Kelly walks in at this very moment, and they wind up showing her what Jeff is doing. She confronts him, and he admits that he didn't consider them to be going steady, and he's not ready to commit to her. She breaks up with him on the spot, and then the girls head off to the ladies' room. Zack is still bummed that Danielle has stood him up, and at that moment his mother shows up. She confiscates their IDs and is about to take them home when Danielle shows up. Zack desperately wants to stay with her, but his mother makes him leave with her. It seems, however, that Danielle is still interested in seeing him, even after catching him in a lie.