Saved by the Bell

Season 3 Episode 9

Fake I.D.'s

Aired Saturday 11:00 AM Oct 19, 1991 on NBC

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  • After Zack meets a college girl at The Max he Slater, and Screech decide to get fake IDs to get into a bar where the girl goes. When they get there they run into a bit of trouble when they see Kellys boyfriend hitting on and dancing with another girl.

    This is a very well put together episode its funny sad and exciting in its own way. First we have Zack, Slater, and Screech getting fake IDs and trying to get into a bar. Then we have Kellys boyfriend cheating on her with another girl and then we have the girl Zack likes and to top it all off Zacks mom discovers whats up and catches all three boys at the bar. Saved by the Bell was a very good Series I would like to see them try and revive it. I believe everyone should buy the dvd and watch it
  • Finally Kelly dumps Jeff!!!

    A stronger episode from season 3. This is where the series changed as this involved Kelly breaking up with Jeff. An episode I enjoyed because I am fond of the episodes where Zack is after Kelly and I thought he would be now that shes single. Zac meets an older girl he likes at the Max and she wants to see him again at the Attic- a club for over 18s. But Zack being 16 asks Screech to make some fake ids for him and the other guys. While theyre there they spot Jeff dancing with another girl. Kelly doesnt believe it when Zac tells her and thinks hes jealous.....until she goes to the attic and sees for herself. The reason why its one of the stronger episodes is because of its subject and its surroundings: break ups, clubs, fake ids. its more realistic, interesting and what most teenagers go through compared to episodes about ponds gettin filled with oil or beating a russian at chess. There are laughs to be had and the ocassional sigh when Screech blurts out the truth, which like always, he has to keep secret.
  • See you later Jeff!!!

    This episode marked the end of the Jeff character and boy was i glad. The episode starts off with Zack, Slater and Screech working on a photography project at The Max. In walks a college girl Danielle and in usual Zack fashion he portrays himself as a college student. Zack fixes her flat tire and that gets things rolling between them. He makes plans to meet her at an over 18 club called The Attic. Screech makes them fake ID's and off they go. While the three of them are there they spot Kelly's current boyfriend, Jeff, dancing and kissing another girl. When the rest of the gang finds out about it they nominate Zack to tell Kelly about it because of the history between them...Bad Idea. Kelly blows him off and doesnt believe it but starts getting suspicious when Jeff keeps on making up excuses as to why they cant hang out. The gang then proceeds to all go to The Attic and catch Jeff red-handed so that Kelly will have no choice but to believe them. Right when theyre about to nail Jeff with the other girl, Kelly comes in and witnesses it herself. Obviously upset she yells at Jeff and officially breaks things off with him. The episode ends with Zack's mom finding out about him being at the club, goes there herself to catch him and ends up grounding him.

    I definately enjoyed this episode because it knocked Jeff out of the picture and left the door open for a Zack and Kelly reunion. Also this was the only episode that featured a nightclub in it which i found very cool and interesting. It was nice to see a storyline evolve outside of the school.
  • Zack falls in love with an college girl.

    Zack meets an girl.He than learned that she's an college student.So he lied to her and told her that he goes to college.So he asked Screech to worked up an fake id for him,Slater and Screech of course.So they could go to some club and Zack could meet the girl that he met there.Of course they did lie to Zack's mom by secretly going out to it.That was when Zack saw it.He see's Jeff with another girl.When he told Kelly.She didn't believed him of course.Not until Screech tells him about the fake id's.So she decides to go.When she see's Jeff with another girl.It ends in heartbreak.Than Zack mother punished the 3 boys for going to an nightclub.

    Good episode.