Saved by the Bell

Season 3 Episode 9

Fake I.D.'s

Aired Saturday 11:00 AM Oct 19, 1991 on NBC



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    • Kelly: Hi, can I cut in?
      Jeff: Kelly! Ha ha ha Hi! Ah, excuse us, Jen. Kelly what are you doing here?
      Kelly: I could ask you the same thing but I already know the answer. Why, Jeff?
      Jeff: Well, it's not like we're going steady on anything. I mean ah, I mean I like you a lot.
      Kelly: I broke up with a great guy for you.
      Jeff: You're very special to me, but I'm just not ready for a commitment right now......I'm sorry!
      Kelly: Yeah, we'll I'm sorry I fell for a dishonest jerk like you. Goodbye!

    • Zack: Hey, you okay?
      Kelly: You were right, Zack, I guess I should erase all those bad things I wrote about you in my diary.
      Zack: That'll be nice.
      Kelly: Thanks for being such a good friend.

    • Kelly: You maggot mouth liar! You're just jealous! Jeff would never cheat on me! Zack: Kelly, I saw it with my own eyes! Kelly: You're wrong! Last night Jeff was bowling with his roommates. Why don't you just mind your own business and stay out of my life? Jeff: Hey, what's going on out here? Kelly: Nothing, just a rude customer!

    • Kelly: Hi Screech.
      Screech: Kelly! Um, ah Kelly ah, hi.
      Kelly: Screech, can I ask you something?
      Screech: Well, ah, not now, Kelly. I'm busy making fake ID's for Jessie and Lisa.
      Kelly: Why are you making them ID's?
      Screech: Well, because we're going back to The Attic tommorrow night. Don't ask me why.
      Kelly: You went there with Zack, huh?
      Screech: Yes!
      Kelly: Screech, did you see Jeff, there?
      Screech: Ummmmmmm......Ummmmmmmm........(crying)
      Kelly: Then it's true? But why, I mean why would Jeff cheat on me?
      Screech: I don't know, Kelly. Men are such fools. I hope I never become one!

    • Lisa: Wait a minute... you have to be eighteen to get to the attic.
      Screech: Not true! You could be fifty-four!

    • Jessie: Fake IDs? That's wrong, that's immoral, that's dishonest, that's -
      Lisa: Cool! I want one of those!

    • Mr. Belding: (showing slides) There's Mrs. B.
      Kelly: Why is she eating raw fish?
      Mr. Belding: That's not Mrs. B, that's Shamu. Notice the use of shadow and light.
      (Zack, Sceech, and Slater are snoring)
      Mr. Belding: (speaking louder to wake the boys up) I said notice the use of shadow and light!
      (The guys wake-up)
      Zack: Yeah, Shamu has an overbite!

    • Slater: Hey, what happened, Preppy? She dump you?
      Zack: Guess again, my high school friend. Danielle, my college honey, just asked me to meet her tomorrow night at The Attic.
      Screech: The attic? Wow, that sounds like fun. There could be bats up there!
      Slater: You're bats, Screech! The Attic is an over-18 dance club, and Zack's only 16.
      Zack: That may be true today, Slater, but by tomorrow night, we'll all be 18.
      Screech: Oh no, Mom said I had to move out at 18! I gotta go look for a place!

    • Mrs. Morris: Hi guys, I brought you a bed time snack!
      Slater: Oooh, food!
      Zack: Mom, come on, come on, we're not little kids anymore.
      Screech: Yeah, and we got the ID's to prove--(Slater shoves a brownie in Screech's mouth)

    • Slater: Hey, cool scar, man!
      Bouncer: Thanks, man. It's a gift from my girl.

    • Zack: Come on, relax.
      Mrs. Morris: Relax? I'm your mother. I know you too well to relax.

    • Slater: Hi, I'm, uh, Zack's older, cooler, more happening friend, A.C. Slater.
      Sandy: Ooh, what's the A.C. stand for?
      Slater: Absolutely Charming.

    • Zack: (To Screech) You idiot! No one's gonna believe I'm fifty-four years old!

    • Slater: Hey, wait wa wa wa wait, isn't that Jeff over there dancing?
      Zack: Yeah, that's not Kelly.
      Screech: Where's not Kelly?
      Guys: Woh!

  • Notes

    • Screeh was developing pictures in a well lit classroom taken from the club. Since the classroom was well lit, the pictures shouldn't have turned out.

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