Saved by the Bell

Season 1 Episode 4

Fatal Distraction

Aired Saturday 11:00 AM Sep 09, 1989 on NBC

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  • This was a cool parody!

    Very good episode, and I liked the parody! 9/10
  • I love this parody!

    I love the parody they are doing with the movie "Fatal Attraction". Kelly goes psycho, this the coolest prank ever! Kelly "The Killer" Kapowski. I love how developing the plot is, first it starts with the dance, then Zack wants to know who Kelly will choose. He bugs Jessie's room, girls find out, pull a prank, Slater is in on it as well I don't like how Zack always uses Screech all the time. Anyways that must of been pretty embarrassing, admitting Zack is afraid of a girl. In the slumber party they talk about such pointless things, great episode that is surprising.
  • zack wants to go to the dance with kelly so bad it drives him to bug her room

    i do kind of like this ep..b/c i mean its a little disturbing that a guy would do that and invade a girls privacy (wow i take after jessie lol) but at the same time you realize its zack and if u follow his character from the beginning its self-explanatory..this was a very good ep nevertheless..spoiler..zack really wants to go to the dance with kelly but instead of just asking her right out he has one of his zack plans which goes horribly wrong when the gang finds out and devise a plan of their own against him lol..this ep was very funny
  • Warning: Contains spoilers.

    Kelly and A.C. and Zack has always been the circle of romance, and clever schemes. What happens when Zack bugs the room in Lisa's room, the room that Kelly is having a slumber party with? Who knows? Maybe things will be just right. The microphone is not wireless, but don't worry, no one will find the wire connecting to the microphone. That is where things go wrong. Involving the Lakers in a sentence is what got Zack to get in trouble. He is literally in danger for his life, or though he thinks.

    Kelly is having a slumber party and Zack and Screech bugs the room, but things go wrong when they are caught. Kelly decides to play a prank on them to teach them a lesson, so she says on the microphone that when she is in love, she gets headaches. Then, she doesn't remember and the police comes and takes her boyfriend to the hospital. Kelly also has her friends and her probably plant a diploma or what ever it's called for an institution for the criminally insane. Zack goes nuts.

    This episode was hilarious, and contained many secrets and a lot of fun to watch. Remember this one rule, never bug a girl's room. This is a lesson you will learn from the episode. Girls will go nuts if you bother them just like any other Human.

    I recommend this episode.
  • Don't listen to anybody's party even on a tape recorder or pass a love note in school.

    I watched this episode one day before I went to school and it was really funny. Zack and Screech listened to Jessie's slumber party on a tape recorder and when the girls found out, they decided to get even with them. I like to part where Kelly passes Zack a love note in the classroom. I think that part is funny because I wrote a love note to one of my classmates when I was in 5th grade and my mom got a phone call from my teacher about it. I knew my mom was going to have a talk with me about doing something to my classmate right before she even did it. I didn't hear my teacher say that she was going to call my house when I wrote the love note and I got even with my classmate because he was harassing me for no reason. I told him a hundred times to leave me alone and he wouldn't. I wrote two love notes to tell you the truth.
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