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behind the bell dustin diamond book

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    Have any of you read Dustin Diamonds book titled Behind the Bell?

    I saw it at a local book store and sat down and read parts of it for a
    half hour. It's a really bad book. Contains alot of swearing and him talking
    about inappropriate things.

    First he spends the start of the book talking about stuff you could have
    Found out about else where. Then he bashes just about everyone of his
    saved by the bell co stars in chapter after chapter.

    He spends one chapter bashing Tiffani Amber Thiessen, the next chapter bashing
    Mario Lopez, the next one bashing Elizabeth Berkley, the next one bashing Lark
    Voorhies, then the next one bashing Dennis Haskins, the next one bashing the actor
    from their hang out the max and also bashes Mark Paul Gosselaar in
    the book. Then when he's done bashing his co stars he spends individual chapters talking
    about what they did on the set each week. One entire chapter talking about what they
    did on the set on Monday, the next chapter talking about what they did on Tuesday and so
    on. Then 3 or 4 chapters talking about what the cast did outside of the show when they were
    filming it and entire chapters talking about what they did acting wise after the show.

    It ended being quite clear Dustin Diamond only wrote that book to get attention since his
    career hasn't been good since the show and think only 5 to 10 percent of the book is true.

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    The Screech role should not be given to Dustin Diamond, and, at the same time, applied to that too difficult-made original class at all. That is very mentally dangerous to do that to Dustin. As a matter of fact, the producers and writers should not have made that original class to difficult to include the Screech role in it.

    Well I'm glad this show is no longer aired in complete publicity at all because the mental disabled fans of the original class got more angrier about the 20th Anniversary Reunion incident and the SBTB original class brawl fights between both normal fans and mental disabled fans never ends.

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