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Which girl did you prefer Zack with?

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    [1]Aug 29, 2012
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    I'm a Zack/Kelly fan. I hated the Last Dance episode, their dance scene was so sad.

    I like Kelly but I didn't like her when she fell for her boss.

    Zack and Kelly are a great couple on tv, in my opinion. I watched all of the episodes on netflix, now I want to see the college years.

    Of course, I also liked the Zack/Stacey pairing in the beach club episodes. I mean, sure, Stacey was rude to Zack at first, but after he really got to know who she was better, I liked the idea. Their romance was both fiesty and sweet in my opinion. Plus I thoght their shared kiss on the beach was romantic

    What about you? Which Zack and any girl pairing was your favorite? And yeah, apparently I can't decide between Zack with Kelly or Zack with Stacey

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