Saved by the Bell

Season 2 Episode 18

Glee Club

Aired Saturday 11:00 AM Dec 23, 1990 on NBC

Episode Recap

The glee club episode is one of my favorite episodes,co starring 90210's torrie spelling as screech's main squeeze violet as the glee club's lead singer,well things dont go well as screech is invited to dinner at her parent's house.screech acts like..well screech and makes a complete fool of himself at the dinner table and violet's parent's think he's just idiot and forbid her to see screech again.In the competition violet struggles at first,then screech comes out and sings right by her side and saves the day.Violet's parents are in the audience and see what samuel..screech does for their daughter and finally approve of their relationship. A classic saved by the bell episode that party of five's scott wolf was a part of(he's in the glee club)
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