Saved by the Bell

Season 2 Episode 18

Glee Club

Aired Saturday 11:00 AM Dec 23, 1990 on NBC

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  • Warning: Contains spoilers.

    This episode is just too hard to not laugh at. It's hilarious and makes you just love Screech even more. In fact, the audience were woohing at Screech many times. This episode is all about Screech, and the infamous Glee club that you might have chosen Football or Technology class over. This episode was hilarious, and also supports the stereotypical Glee club member, but I can forgive that. This episode rules. It's what happens when you put Zack and Screech's relation with his girlfriend Violet together.

    Zack finds out that the winner of the Glee club competition goes to Hawaii.. He decides to join the Glee club.

    I recommend this episode very much.
  • The gang all join The Bayside Glee Club in hopes of winning a big competetion in which the winner recieves a grand prize all expense paid trip to Hawaii.

    The episode starts off with Baysides newest and hottest couple being introduced as Screech and Violet, both to my shock and dismay. Violet tries to recruit the gang to join the glee club but they blow it off until Violet tells them a trip to Hawaii is on the line if they win this big upcoming competition. They then figure its worth a shot and decide to join.

    Belding stops in to see how the club is performing at practice so far. The peformance goes bad and Belding gives Tuttle 48 hours to get better or get cut. Later that night Zack is trying to figure out a way to improve the team. Out of nowhere Violet calls and invites Zack and Screech to a glee club concert. Zack agrees and brings his tape recorder with him in hopes of redording and taping the concert.

    48 hours pass and Belding is ready to see if there was any improvement made. Zack pops in the dubbed version he got at the concert and it comes out beautifully thus giving Bayside the OK to go to Hawaii. Knowing
    the dubbed version wont work as well at a real concert, Tuttle tries to find a lead singer. Violet and Jessie do the best but Jessie comes up with the flu courtesy of Lisa. Violet ends up being the go to girl for the solo performance even though she was a nervous wreck.

    Rewind a little bit to earlier in the episode when Violet wants Screech to meet and have dinner with her parents. He reluctantly agrees and as usual when it comes to Screech, it turns out to be a nightmare. He embarrasses himself greatly and because of it, Violets parents forbid her to ever see him again.

    Screech has had a bad track record with her parents as evidenced above, making him nervous about seeing them at the concert. Now onto the last scene. The concert had gone well so far. Violets duet is at the end and although it starts fine, she starts getting stage fright and freezes. Who else but Screech comes out of nowhere to rescue her and is there to help her out at the end with the rest of her lines in a duet sort of thing. Screech also redeems himself with Violents parents as they thank him for coming through for their daughter.

    All in all a good, but not great episode. I enjoyed the dinner scene Screech had with Violents parents. Im not into the whole glee club thing so that was kind of a turn off but nothing beats the comedy this show brings ala Screech messing up the tape machine so that they all sounded like chipmunks...LOL. Watch the episode and youll know what i mean.