Saved by the Bell

Season 4 Episode 27


Aired Saturday 11:00 AM May 22, 1993 on NBC

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  • saved by the bell

    Great show
  • Drama at Bayside.

    The series finale of the classic, Saved By The Bell. Which is really sad but still this was the perfect way to end the series not like other shows where there's no closure, but this episode definitely is worth a series finale. The only thing I didn't like is that they caked it with drama. Like Lisa being upset with Jessie, Screech walking out on Belding. Zack may not graduate. They should of ended it happy. Oh well, still good. Where's Tori? She deserved to be in this episode. Anyways I liked how it all worked out in the end. A great way to end a series.
  • The end is near for The Bayside Class of '93. As usual there are some unexpected circumstances that occur that might not let one of the original members of the gang graduate.

    The episode starts off with the gang gathering at The Max after taking their last final to reminisce about all of the times theyve had together at Bayside. The jubilation soon turns to grief however as Belding calls Zack into his office and tells him that he is one credit short of graduating. With all the other classes already over the only way for him to earn that credit is to participate and peform in the schools ballet recital. After pulling a few strings he gains entry into the class even though he knows absolutely nothing when it comes to ballet. Just when it seems like hes getting the hang of it, all the other nerds in the play get sick and drop out, thus ending any hopes of the play going on and killing any hope Zack had for that extra credit he needed to graduate. Zack convinces his reluctant male friends (Slater and Screech) to fill in the vacated roles which they oblige. The play goes on and although it had its ups and downs, in the end it was a success thus giving Zack the one credit he needed to graduate. After the play all the gang (minus Zack) are sad that these are their last moments at Bayside. Zack on the other hand tries the tough guy approach on some "cant wait to bust out of this joint for good."

    Fast foward to the graduation ceromony. Jessie was all hyped up about being Validictorian. Although she thinks she won it fair and square she was wrong. It turned out that Screech had a higher GPA but knew how much it meant to Jessie so he turned it down so Jessie could have it. Jessie finds this out and during her speech hands the reigns over to Screech, the real Validictorian. As we all know he sucks with speeches so he gives the microphone to Zack. Zack gives props to all his friends and in the end realizes that he is going to miss Bayside more then anyone and that he was putting up a front with his earlier tough guy approach.

    The diploma giveaway ceremony was emotional as Belding handed each student their diplomas one by one. Zack got his last and after exchanging a few heartfelt words the two of them share a hug which was an awesome gesture IMO. The episode ends with Zack saying that he finally finished high school and he tosses his graduation cap up in the air as do the other students which concludes this chapter in Saved By The Bell history.
  • The end of the classic Saved by the bell...the spin off didn't hold a candel to the original

    This is the final episode of the original series. It end great. kinda funny how zack couldn't graduate and had to take a ballet class, or at least participate in a ballet. Schreech was the valivictorian but gave it jessie and eventually Zack gave a speaches. It was a sad episode but the one great thing was that it was the original cast. The whole torri replacing kelly and jessie was kinda dumb so i'm glad they brought it back to the orignal people. Overall a good way to end it. its funny to think how it started as good morning miss bliss and changed to one of the best shows out there.
  • True to form...Samual gives Jessie a chance to graduate on top. Zack cannot earn a diploma without cheating. Lisa is still gabbing. Kelly was always too pretty to think. AC just had to flex.

    The series ended the way the series lasted...silly, but fun. That is why we are still whatching it now. The six main characters give us something to relate to. Whether we were the "brains" the "jocks", the "nerds", the "fashion "plates"...there is one of each. It was nice for the main cast to perform one more group gag...the ballet. It was also nice ti give the back ground nerds names. It was too bad that the teachers were not given a final farewell. There were certainly some funny characters. The seating arrangement during the graduation ceremony was odd, though. Jessie sat separately from everyone else...even after she admitted that she was not the best.
  • This is the epsiode where they graduate.

    This episode is quite sad actually. Zach can't wait to graduate, but then finds out that he has to take part in a ballet to get the extra credit. Elsewhere, Screcch is told that he is the valedictorian of the year but feels guilty and wants Jessie to get the award. The gang are feeling sad about leaving high school all apart from Zach until he has to ask his friends to help him out one last time and ends up realising that he will miss them after all. Lisa also tells Jessie that Screech gave her the award even though he had the highest grades in the year. It ends with all of them going up on stage and collecting their certificates.