Saved by the Bell

Season 3 Episode 20

Hold Me Tight

Aired Saturday 11:00 AM Nov 23, 1991 on NBC

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  • A new wrestler at Bayside comes to town who just happens to be a female...

    This episode was another one of those great Saved By The Bell epsidoes. It starts off with Zack doing a Bayside (KKTY) radio report during wrestling tryouts. The huge Bayside/Valley match is at weeks end. During the tryouts a cute girl named Kristy Barnes shows up and asks for a tryout. As first she is laughed out of the gym. Fortunately for her Zack and the gang decide to use "the power of the airwaves" to get her on the team. Jessie calls out both Belding and the wrestling coach for being sexist and discriminating towards Kristy. This leads to a protest in the gym by Kristy supporters. The end result is an exhibition match in which Kristy ends up beating the crap out of one of the best members of the wrestling team. This proves shes worthy and becomes a team member. Also Zack and Kristy have some chemistry which ultimately leads to a date at The Max. While on their date a punk wrestler from Valley puts Zack into a wrestling move but Kristy is there to save the day as she kicks the dudes ass. Zack does get weirded out though and calls things off with Kristy because of his "the guy should protect the girl mentality." To make things worse Jessie thinks that Kristy is making moves on Slater but ends up being totally wrong. After all the negativeness she decides to quit the team. Zack and Jessie realize theyve made a huge mistake and talk her back into joining the team. The episode concludes with the Bayside/Valley match. After Slater drops a dude in like twenty seconds it evens the score at 3, meaning that its up to Kristys match to decide which team are the winners. Kristy gets into a little bit of trouble at the start. With the help of some inspirational words from Zack though she reverses the move and pins the dude instantly capturing the title for Bayside. The episode ends with Kristy giving Zack a kiss and hoping to extend or start over their relationship. This episode was excellent and focused on the fact that there is still sexual discrimination happening all over the country. The only quabble i have with this episode, like most of the episodes in this series, is that theyll introduce a "potential to be a recurring guest on the show" like with Kristy and they just scrap the idea and act like she never existed. All in all though it was a very entertaining plotline while still focusing on real life issues like sexual discrimination.
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