Saved by the Bell

Season 3 Episode 24

Home For Christmas (1)

Aired Saturday 11:00 AM Dec 07, 1991 on NBC

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  • Everyones ecstatic that its X-mas Vacation for the gang. Most of them will be working jobs to earn money for presents. Meanwhile Zack bumps into a girl named Laura and is attracted to her. Unfortunately Laura has a personal secret that changes everything.

    The episode starts off with the gang celebrating that they have a two week break from school because of the holidays. The gang decides to get jobs at various stores throughout the Bayside Mall. The jobs are as follows:

    Slater - giftwrapping
    Jessie - works at Santa photo booth
    Lisa - volunteers to help work at a hospital
    Kelly - works at a mens clothing department store

    Zacks job title is called slacking off...LOL. While walking through the mall he bumps into a homlessgirl named Laura. She scammpers off too quickly and all Zack can come up with was her name. Fast foward to Screech trying out a potty trained doll but it ends up leaking all over his pants. Zack and Screech head to the bathroom to try to dry Screech off when they encounter a homeless looking man whos shaving at the sink among many other odd things for a person to do. After a few stupid Screech remarks they exit and leave the man and Zack leaves him a couple bucks in one of the payphone change slots he had checked earlier. Fast forward to Kellys store where Laura just happends to work at. Zack and Screech enter the store hoping to find Laura and Zack finally does and asks her out for lunch. Meanwhile her dad comes stumbling across the window and looks like hes about to topple over. Zack throws an insult at him saying he hoped the dude used the money for food and not drugs. After the comment Laura says that shes "not feeling good anymore." Meanwhile Slater is having a horrific time gift wrapping and the homeless dude ends up helping him out. Unfortunately the guy stumbles away from the wrapping booth and ends up passing out on the floor in the middle of the mall.

    With the upcoming Christmas Play looming Laura aska her boss, Mr. Moody for a day off to be in the play but he lives up to his prag ass name by telling her no. The episode concludes with the entire gang going to the childrens hospital that Lisa works at to bring gifts to all the sick children. They all have a good time but would like to check on the old dude that passed out in the mall earlier to see how he was doing. When they finally reach the room they are in for a huuuuuge surprise. Laura is at his bedside comforting him. It turns out that Laura is his daughter to everyones scock and amazement.