Saved by the Bell

Season 3 Episode 24

Home For Christmas (1)

Aired Saturday 11:00 AM Dec 07, 1991 on NBC



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    • (at the hospital, trying to find the homeless man who fainted at the mall)
      Lisa: Monique, I'm looking for a man.
      Monique: Me too, honey. But everyone here is taken or sick!

    • Slater: Monique said he was just run down.
      Screech: That's ridiculous; he wasn't hit by a car!

    • Kelly: Hey, Zack. What are you doing here?
      Zak: Hey, Kel. I'm looking for a girl.
      Kelly: We only sell clothes here.

    • Slater: I got a job at the mall. I'm helping with gift wrap.
      Screech: "Gift Wrap" - Isn't that an M.C. Hammer song?

    • Zack: Screech, quick call 911!
      Screech: Ok! What's the number?

    • Lisa: Slater will you hurry up? faster or that blouse will be out of style!
      Slater: I'm doing the best I can. Where did I put the tape?
      Lisa: On your nose!
      (she rips the tape off)
      Slater: Oww!!

    • Kelly: Thinking about Zack?
      Laura: Yeah. I can't believe he took me to go see Santa!
      Kelly: Yeah, I can't believe he didn't make you sit on his knee!

    • Zack: I thought you said you weren't hungry.
      Laura: Well, you know what they say about potato chips.
      Zack: Yeah. Bet you can't eat just 50.

    • Slater: Hey, got anymore gingerbread women?
      Zack: Why? You don't have a date for New Years Eve?

    • Jessie: Ok, who's up next to take a picture with Santa? Tommy, you're back.
      Tommy: My mom wanted me to apologize to you.
      Jessie: Aww that's nice.
      Tommy: I'm ugly old bat! (he runs away)
      Jessie: You little brat!!

    • Screech: Lisa, guess what I'm wearing!
      Lisa: Is that mistletoe?
      Screech: Yeah. Do you want to do anything?
      Lisa: Yes. Run away. (she leaves)

    • Lisa: Mmm. Do I smell cookies?
      Mrs. Morris: You sure do. Zack helped me bake them.
      Lisa: You baked?
      Zack: Yes. I made gingerbread women.
      Slater: Gingerbread chicks. I like that.
      Jessie: Well, they should make a gingerbread pig for you.

    • Mrs. Morris: What about you, Jessie?
      Jessie: I'm working at a booth where kids take pictures with Santa.
      Mrs. Morris: I didn't know you like kids.
      Jessie: I don't. I like $8.00 an hour.

    • Mrs. Morris: So, have you decided what you want for Christmas yet?
      Zack: (Watching a pretty girl go by) Oh, yeah!
      Mrs. Morris: I don't think I have a big enough box for her.

    • Santa: Have you been a good boy?
      Zack: Get real!

  • Notes

    • Mrs. Morris: Wrapping presents? You know, that's not always easy.
      Slater: Don't worry, Mrs. M. I'm good at everything I do.
      Zack: That's not what I hear from the girls I've talked to!

    • Mr. Belding does not appear in this episode although he was credited.

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