Saved by the Bell

Season 3 Episode 25

Home for Christmas (2)

Aired Saturday 11:00 AM Dec 14, 1991 on NBC

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  • After Lauras scare with her fathers heart attack she now faces new challenges. Being homeless doesnt help and when a suit jacket in the clothing store goes missing Mr.Fruity (i mean Moody) calls the cops on her, not knowing that Kelly put it aside for her

    The episode starts off with the gang in the hospital shocked that Laura is the daughter but relieved when they find out hes ok. Zack and his mom then invite Laura and her pops over for some dinner and tea which they oblige. They also explain how they got into their current homeless situation.

    Fast forward to the mall where Laura sees a nice sportscoat that she thinks would be perfect for her father on his job interviews. She gets up the courage to ask Moody for an advancement on her salary considering the money is going back into the store anyway but Mr. Crotchy said no way at all. Kelly then slips up big time and rats out Laura to Moody saying shes homeless and he should treat her better in which Moody replies that if he wouldve known she was homeless he wouldnt have hired her because people like that steal. Zack gets Laura into the play and while they go off to practice, Kelly puts the infamous sportsjacket away on hold so that she can buy it for Laura when she gets back to the store later.

    They they do a boring reindition of The scrooge play and afterwards Moody notices that the jacket is missing and proceeds to accuse Laura of stealing the jacket, that Kelly had put aside for her, and threatens to call the cops. Lauras "The Cops???" reaction was pricesless as she sprinted out of the door so quick that it wouldve made Jackie-Joyner Kersey proud. The gang all huddle together to try to find Laura. They spread out all over the mall in search for her. Finally Zack spots Laura and her pops trying to fix their car. Zacks moms invites them to have Christmas dinner at her house and they all live happily ever after complete with some Christmas carols. Even Mr. Moody makes an appearance, admits to wrong judgement, and gives the sweater to Lauras father as a gift. He also gives Laura her old job back. The episode ends with Lauras father playing Christmas tunes on the piano and everyone else sitting back, relaxing, and listening,