Saved by the Bell

Season 2 Episode 5

House Party

Aired Saturday 11:00 AM Oct 06, 1990 on NBC

Episode Recap

Screech's parents are going away for their anniversary to Graceland, leaving him in charge of the house. Once Zack learns about this, he immediately plans a party, but Screech's mother has left him a huge list of rules, which includes "No girls" and "No parties." Since Screech won't budge, they decide to have a guys' night. The girls show up and want to be included, but are told that they're not welcome. They see Violet, who obviously likes Screech. However, her abusive nerd boyfriend, Max Nerdstrom, orders her away. Later the girls are at the Max, and Violet joins them to let them know she's broken up with Nerdstrom. Then the girls decide to crash the guys' night. They get there in time to see Zack, Slater, and Screech running around, singing and dancing. After they see the girls, Screech gets worried and wants them to leave, but upon seeing Violet, he decides to ignore his mother's rules. The girls join in the dancing, and Violet accidentally knocks down a bust of Elvis.

Screech is hysterical, because his mother told him that she'd die if anything happened to that statue. Unfortunately, they find out that it will cost $250 to replace it. Zack decides to swindle the money out of Nerdstrom at a poker game, but Nerdstrom turns the tables and is actually an excellent card player, and he takes Zack for everything he's got. Zack finally gets a fantastic hand, but the only way he can match Nerdstrom's bet is to bet Screech's dog. Unfortunately, Nerdstrom gets him again, and has an even better hand. Later, Zack and Slater try to strong arm Nerdstrom into giving back the dog, but it doesn't work. However, he says he'll return the dog in return for a date with Jessie.

Zack has come up with the idea to throw a party at Screech's house, and charge $10 a head, in order to pay for the statue. Then they tell Jessie that they can get the dog back if she goes on a date with Nerdstrom. At first she refuses, but they guilt her into it.

The party comes, and Nerdstrom shows up with Jessie. He refuses to produce the dog until he's had a full date, since he figures (correctly) that Jessie will just walk out on him the second he gives them the dog. Finally after Jessie has suffered enough, they insist that Nerdstrom give back the dog. He does, then insists on a good night kiss. To Jessie's horror, Zack agrees, then lets the dog kiss Nerdstrom. Once Nerdstrom realizes what's happened, he runs out. Slater, meanwhile, has used the money they've collected to buy the statue. To everyone's shock, Screech's parents come back early. His mother walks in and is furious that Screech has thrown a party, but Zack covers it up by claiming that the whole thing was an anniversary party. She buys the story, and Slater returns with the statue. He stumbles, the statue goes flying, but Zack manages to catch it and return it to its pedestal just in the nick of time.