Saved by the Bell

Season 2 Episode 5

House Party

Aired Saturday 11:00 AM Oct 06, 1990 on NBC

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  • First episode I watched of Saved By The Bell.

    I will never forget the day I fell in love with this show. This show made a good impression with this episode. Tori Spelling guest stars. A lot of funny puns and crazy antics. Just when you think Screech's mom is going to find out about the disaster, Zack always has a plan up his sleeve. I love the fantasy, how even though the plot has nothing to do with Mr. Belding, they still squeezed him in there. With the whole Elvis gag, that was beyond belief funny> I l;like how it was a happy ending in the end. Hopefully Tori Spelling returns.
  • screech's parents are in graceland so zack throws a party at screech's house that gets out of control

    i saw most of this ep so i can write a decent review lol..this was a very funny ep..of course zack being the slacker in school but partier at home or in general outside of school decides to throw a party..of course it gets out of control as all good parties do lol..spoiler..and screechs moms statue gets broken so slater has to get a new one..everyone is still partying not too concerned with the broken statue..which i didnt really like..and then the worst thing ever happens..screechs parents are back early..uh-oh..but dont worry zack is "good with parents" he has a plan..and surprisingly it works..shes so gullible
  • Warning: Contains spoilers.

    Screech has a girlfriend? Screech got kissed on the lips? This can't be! How can it be? Well, it's true. Screech's Elvis obsessed mother is off to Greenland for four days, so the gang are at the house having a party. But, she comes home sooner than usual. I don't want to spoil much, so read another review. But, I do want to say that this episode was hilarious and had room and used it wisely for the character development. We learn about two people. These two people are a rich shorty and a tall Screech lover. Although, they probably won't appear much in other episodes, this still was a decent episode.
  • Screech has the house to himself after his parents go on vacation. Unfortunately things go from bad to worse and the gang tries to find a way to make everything good again, in usual Saved By The Bell fashion, before his parents come back.

    The episode starts off with Screechs parents going on vacation for their anniversary. His mom is a big Elvis fan so to no ones surprise she picks Graceland as her vacation destination. Her most prized possession is an Elvis statue who in her words "would die if anything were to ever happen to it." She then says goodbye to the family dog and gives Screech a looooong list of rules to oblige by while shes gone, including no parties. The second plot of this episode revolves around Screechs new love interest, Violet (played by Tori Spelling). Shes currently dating some rich nerdy douchebag named Maxwell who treats her like crap. Its obvious she wants out and wants to be with Screech. Later that night the girls, including Violet whos now a free woman after breaking up with Maxwell, decide to spy on the guys doing their "guy things" at Screechs house. They come upon the guys dancing in basically the most hideous neon colored bedtime attire like boxers and wife beaters...LOL. I mean it was laughable how disgusting the neon looked. The guys catch the girls spying on them and the girls proceed to make fun of the way they were dancing by imitating it. Unfortunately it gets too out of hand and Violet bumps into the prized Elvis statue and it breaks. Screech basically faints thinking that now his life is over and his mom will never trust him again. Luckily for him Lisa finds an exact replica of the statue to replace the broken one but it costs $250. The gang is clueless at first on how to raise the money but then they come across the rich nerdy prag named Maxwell. They set up a poker game with him in hopes of winning the $250 they need to get the statue. Maxwell plays them like suckers and collects all their dough. Down to his last hand Zack looks at the cards and believes they are unbeatable. Unfortunately he doesnt have enough money to keep on betting so he puts up Screechs dog for all of Maxwells chips. Zack did have a great hand but Maxwell had a better one, collects the dog and walks away. Screech almost looked like he had a mental breakdown afterwards and even tries to strangle Zack for losing his dog. Zacks last ditch effort to raise the $250 is to hold a party at Screechs house, charge 10 bucks a head and hopefully raise enough money to cop the statue before Screechs mom comes home.

    The next day Zack and Slater confront Nerdstrom (Maxwell) in hopes of convincing him to give the dog back. The only way he says he will is if he can get a date with Jessie, who is repulsed by him. Through some guilt trip and out of sympathy Jessie agrees to go to the party with him but wants out as soon as the dog is returned. Fast foward to the party. Midway through the party they raise the $250 and Slater hustles to the store to cop the statue. Meanwhile Jessie keeps getting more and more repulsed by being with Maxwell the entire night. Just as it finally looks like things are getting better, Screechs mom unexpectadly comes home early and is shocked when she sees all the people at her house. Zack pulls the slick move of the episode and drops a Happy Anniversary Banner down and plays it like it was a party for her anniversary which she believes. Just then Slater enters with the statue but trips over some luggage and the statue goes flying up into the air. Zack shows off some football skills and makes a nice diving catch just in time to save the day and put the statue back on its mantle. Mrs. Powers throws a little scare saying something was wrong with the statue but it ended up being some petty crap like it was facing the wrong way. After that edge of your seat crap, Screechs moms pumps up the music and the episode ends with everyone dancing and having a good time.

    The liked this episode cause it was the first and only time we see not only Screechs house but we also get to meet his mother too. I enjoy those little subtleties like when we meet some of the casts family members since it doesnt happen that often. Also this was the start of the whole Screech/Violet relationship with the turning point being when Screech kicks Maxwell out of his house and calls Violet "his girl." All in all it was one of those typical Saved By The Bell episodes where you have some comedy, romance, dramedy, etc. which is what makes this show my all-time favorite.