Saved by the Bell

Season 2 Episode 9

Jessie's Song

Aired Saturday 11:00 AM Nov 03, 1990 on NBC

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  • Go for it.

    This episode was like the only dramatic sad soap opera kind of episode in Saved By The Bell, which I really loved. The acting was a bit better from all the actors. Especially Jessie, she nailed her performance. The singing plot wrapped around this episode so perfectly, cause it seems to be a light crazy episode in the beginning, but it turns, Jessie is a drug addict. Finally they show that Jessie & Slater are dating. Slater was not himself, he was really nice to Jessie. I loved the song they all sang, "Go For It" A really good song. An amazing episode.
  • jessie is stressed out with midterms and also trying to balance a singing group..therefore she turns to pills regardless of her friends' warnings

    this was a very revealing episode because we really saw a different side of jessie..were used to her studying hard and stressing about grades but i would never put her as a person to take pills to help her out..thats just not her personality..she should have just quit the singing thing regardless of her friends pushing her..spoiler..jessie is worried about her grades when midterms approach..meanwhile the girls sing together to goof off and zack immediately becomes their agent and wants them to start a girl group..this forces jessie into pills..i was mad when she didnt listen to slater..but zack really did give her the intervention she needed
  • Warning: Contains spoilers.

    Can caffeine pills be so addicting that it can be like Heroin? Well, unlike some people who probably reviewed this episode just because they saw a clip on Youtube, I'm actually reviewing the whole episode. This episode was very informing, and it can tell you a whole lot about drugs. Although, it only discusses the danger of caffeine pills, and the producers said in an interview that that is probably the farthest they got to drugs in an episode, it is very informing. Say, the caffeine pills can be x. X=Heroin, cocaine, etc.

    Zack convinces Kelly and the girls to go sing for a record producer since they seem to be very good. Zack also has Screech (duh) go in to the locker room to record them singing when they denied it. After Jessie is disgusted about that, she then agrees to sing. Jessie is stressed about the singing and studying for her geometry test, so she takes pills. Slater is the first to find out, but Zack denies it because Jessie is her friend and he won't listen to that.

    Drugs can be dangerous, and this episode tells you how. While it's telling you how, it is also a funny episode and it can leave you crying at the end. Not that I did, of course. This episode was great. There is some character development for Jessie, since you will learn a little more about Jessie and how together as friends she and Zack are, but it's not great character development.

    I recommend this episode, and it can be a first impression episode if you know about the series a little more. If you don't, then this episode is not really recommended.
  • When Jessie gets stressed, she turns to a dangerous friend.

    Everyone I know agrees with me that this is the best episode of Saved by the Bell. I refer to it as the "I'm So Excited" episode. Zack, always out for the get rich quick scheme, finally realizes that Jessie is doing herself harm, he becomes a real friend and tells her the band is not as important as her getting better. Actually, Slater is the one who first finds out about Jessie's drug use and warns her about the downsides, but she chooses to ignore him. It is a very serious episode, a little off par for Saved by the Bell.
  • jessie spano, zack morris, kelly kapowski, screech powers, a.c slater, lisa turtle

    one of the best and most memorable episodes of saved by the bell ever. who could forget the line " i'm so excited, i'm so excited, i'm so scared"? this episode was all about jessie. it was different and very exciting and sad all at the same time. drugs are a serious thing and saved by the bell portrayed them that way. it informs kids about the consicences of drugs and still manages to stay in that fun lovable comdey category. like when, screeh went into the girls locker room as sinead o'connor, sinead's aunt, the janitor? classic. simply classic. i really enjoy this episode, and any saved by the bell fan would agree when i say this is defiantly one of the best edpisodes in the whole series.
  • “I’m so excited! I’m so excited…I’m so scared!” Jessie’s life gets out of control after she becomes addicted to caffeine pills.

    Jessie’s Song is the all-time best episode of Saved by the Bell. The acting is hilariously bad. Jessie starts taking caffeine pills and acts like she is on crack. She freaks out about midterms, the SAT’s, and her upcoming singing performance. Her energy high is followed by an energy low that causes her to fall asleep and almost miss her big performance. Zach comes to get her and she panics, searching for her drugs. She starts singing, then falls into Zach’s arms in tears! All Saved by the Bell fans remember this episode and laugh!
  • Caffeine is helluva drug.

    In the squeaky clean world of Saved By The Bell they were very limited when it came to serious issues. They wanted to hit on some of the serious issues - Drugs.

    Teach kiddos that CAFFEINE will indeed ruin your life and make you sing out of key while Mark-Paul Gosselaar tries to bring you to your senses.

    In all honesty this was a decent episode but shows shouldn't be afraid to take a REAL risk now and then. This episode simply came off as over dramatic and idiotic when it came to tackling the real issues of drug abuse.
  • jessie is in a singing group and at same time she is studying for midterm. so she take tese caffeine pills. when slaters in her room she going to rive him one , when he read the bottle. he told her these could hazardous to to your health.

    I like this episode because its taking about how not to take dangerous pills. I hope everyone watch tkat episode and all the other. I hope everyone like this episode as much as i did.I tihnk they should put the old episode on channel that kids watch.Like cartoonnetwok,or eiter disney.
  • One of the greatest episodes

    This is one of the most fantastic episodes of Saved By The Bell ever made.

    Elizabeth Berkley is wonderful as Jessie who becomes extremely dependant on caffine pills and yet doesn't seem to know that, it takes her friends to help her. the whole episode is one that is memorable to everyone who watches it.

    seeing how much a person changes with dependancy is one that is shocking. it's a shame that some of the others couldn't have been as good as this one.

    Elizabeth Berkley made this extermely realistic and that is why it is one of the greatest episodes.
  • I love you Jessie!

    Jessie becomes a dope head and Zack comforts her. She is under pressure and starts taking caffeine pills. We love Jessie and know she is a strong woman who can get through it. We don't want her doing anything that might jeopardize her amazing BAYSIDE career. We know she can overcome this unfortunate situation.