Saved by the Bell

Season 4 Episode 8

Masquerade Ball

Aired Saturday 11:00 AM Oct 03, 1992 on NBC

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  • one of the best best episodes of the series

    I have been watching the entire series on netflix and out of the episodes this one made me laugh the most it's one of the funniest episodes in the series by far!!
  • They did this one in a Good Morning Miss Bliss episode.

    This shows that Saved By The Bell was running out of ideas in Season 4. forgot the episode name but Screech was sending Lisa secret admirer letter in Good Morning Miss Bliss & when she found out she freaked out just like in this episode. Then Zack & Slater compete for a girl just like in the pilot when they compete for Kelly on a bet. The only thing that was different is in the Masquerade Ball but is sort of the same because they just had a dance in the last episode, Season 4, there is a dance in every episode. Just an okay episode.
  • When Zack and Slater make a bet to see who can kiss Tori first, a lot of cases of mistaken identity take place leading to numerous instances of laughter throughout the episode.

    The episode starts off with the Masqurade Ball upcoming and with Tori witnessing both Zack and Slater kicking game to various chicks in their quest to find dates. She calls them both out on it and calls them pigs. In turn Zack and Slater interpret it as her playing hard to get. So they make a $50 bet to see which one will be able to kiss her on the lips for at least 3.5 seconds while having a witness present which would ensure the winning of the bet for whoever accomplished it first. This is when the hilarity starts to ensue. Slaters first attempt to kiss Tori fails when Screech does his trademark annoying thing to mess it up. Next Zack takes Tori on a movie and romantic dinner date and things are looking good for Zack to win the bet. Just as Tori prepares to kiss him thus making Zack the winner, he has a revelation that he likes her and doesnt feel comfortable using her like this. Screech once again opens his big mouth to Tori and explains everything about the bet. Once Tori finds out what costumes the others will be wearing she sets it up to sabatoge each and every one of them. Both Tori and Lisa arrived to the ball in cat costumes. Unfortunately Zack mistakedly thinks Lisa is Tori amd he expresses his feelings for Tori to her. To Zacks shock and amazement, Tori pulls the cat mask off and reveals that its really her and while Zack felt a little embarassed you could tell that he felt a huge sense of relief that it was now in the open. Tori agrees and the two share a nice kiss at the end.

    The other plot of the story is the Screech/Lisa love letter crap thas had previously been used in an episode of Good Morning Miss Bliss. Basically Lisa mistakedly thinks Zack and not Screech is her secret admirer. It leads to a bunch of false assumtions and accusations including a hilarious scene in which Ms. Culepper thinks that Mr. Belding is hitting on her and vice versa. The most memorable scene of this episode was watching Screech (Gumby) and Slater (astrounaut) have a make out (in costume) session and both their reactions after they unmask themselves was priceless.

    Overall i enjoyed this episode but it couldve been better IMO. Too may different storylines were spreadout throughout the episode and at times it was hard to catch up on who was going as who to the costume ball. In the end though it was still classic Saved By The Bell with its tremendous amount of comedy and likeable characters that make this show my favorite series of all time.