Saved by the Bell

Season 2 Episode 8

Miss Bayside

Aired Saturday 11:00 AM Oct 27, 1990 on NBC

Episode Recap

At a student assembly, Mr. Belding announces the upcoming Miss Bayside beauty contest. Most of the students are excited at the idea, but not Jessie, who feels that the whole concept is backwards and sexist, and doesn't think the school should even have the contest. Later, at the Max, Jessie manages to convince Kelly not to take part in the contest. Lisa, however, has made up her mind to take part. Seeing that Kelly isn't going to be a part of this, Zack offers his support to Lisa, and tries to convince her that he can help her win, but she politely declines. Slater thinks Zack is overestimating how much influence he has, so Zack bets him $50 that he can get anyone the Miss Bayside crown. Slater agrees to the bet, with the provision that he gets to pick the contestant. To Zack's surprise and horror, Slater picks Screech.

After convincing Screech that a man is allowed to compete, Zack takes him to Mr. Belding. At first Mr. Belding laughs off the idea, but then Jessie, who was out in the hall protesting the contest with Kelly, barges in and says that it would be a great idea for Screech to compete. Mr. Belding agrees to let Screech in the contest as long as Jessie agrees to stop her protests. Unfortunately for Zack, Slater decides to make this contest a lot more difficult for Screech to win. First he talks Jessie into competing, and then Kelly gets angry about that, so she enters the contest as well.

At the talent competition, Screech easily outdoes all of his female competitors with a great magic act. Slater starts to really believe that Screech could somehow win this, so he decides to enter himself. Screech doesn't believe he can beat Slater in this contest, and it gets even worse when he accidentally gets punched by his robot, Kevin, giving him a black eye. Now Screech is absolutely convinced that he can't win, but Zack decides to turn all this to his advantage. He starts a rumor that Slater is the one who gave Screech the black eye.

The contest comes, and during the swimsuit competition Jessie refuses to disrobe, probably causing her the chance to win. Then Slater comes out and flexes for the crowd, but since they all believe he beat up Screech, they give him the silent treatment. Screech then comes out to a standing ovation. As the final part of the contest, Mr. Belding asks each of the finalists one last question. Screech tells the audience not to vote for him, and when the winner is announced, the other contestants are shocked when it winds up being Screech. Slater is prepared to pay Zack the $50 for the bet, but Zack calls the bet off, admitting that he started the rumor about Slater beating up Screech, which helped him eventually win.
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