Saved by the Bell

Season 3 Episode 8

My Boyfriend's Back

Aired Saturday 11:00 AM Oct 05, 1991 on NBC

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  • Stacey's new boyfriend comes to town to surprise her.

    This episode was one of the Mailbu Sands episodes that took place during The Summer when the gang was on vacation from school. They all had Summer jobs at a beach club and took a break from the usual school days. Zack meets a the club owner's daughter and at first the two bump heads but in the end they end up falling for each other.

    The start of this episode has Zack and Stacey finally connecting and starting to show off that they are a cute couple. Zack plans on taking her to a high class restaurant so that he can share with her the feelings that he has for her. All of that comes to a screeching halt though as Stacey's rich college boyfriend, Craig shows up unexpectedly and still believes that him and Stacey are dating. Zack finds out and gets infuriated that Stacey never told him. It gets worse as he wants to quit the beach club when he finds out that Craig intends to give Stacey his fraternity pin during a ceremony at the beach club. You can see that Stacey is leaning towards Zack and not Craig but since she got thrown in the middle of it she doesnt do anything about it for now. The last part of the episode has to do with an ATV race. Both Zack and Craig participate in the race and also are the two best racers. Zack was in the lead for most of the race but at the very end Craig pulls an illegal move by bumping Zack and knocking him out of the way and Craig ends up being the winner. Stacey seeing that Craig cheated confronts him about it but he doesnt care. The episode ends with Zack sitting on the beach by himself and Stacey approaches him. She tells him that she sent Craig back to New York and called things off with him. Zack is surprised but happy and him and Stacey proceed to continue their relationship.

    The Malibu Sands episodes to me were a nice break from the usual school plot episodes.
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