Saved by the Bell

Season 3 Episode 18

Palm Springs Weekend (1)

Aired Saturday 11:00 AM Nov 16, 1991 on NBC

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  • The gang is excited to be spending a weekend in Palm Springs for Jessie's fathers wedding but the weekend ends up involving a lot of twists and turns that the gang probably werent expecting.

    The episode starts off with the gang staying at a luxurious hotel owned by Jessies dad. They are there for the weekend to both celebrate and attend Jessies fathers wedding. Jessie hasnt met her future stepmother yet but is excited to meet her at dinner that night. Meanwhile the guys go on the prowl to meet some girls. While at the gym both Zack and Slater each spot chicks to kick game to. Zacks interest is an aerobics instructor who Jessie deems an airhead. Slater however meets a European girl that turns out to be a Princess, even though Slater doesnt believe her at first as he thinks shes joking around. Later that evening however the two of them go golfing together and there her father comes to the course and it is confirmed that he is in fact the King of a small European country, making her really a Princess. Slater is befuddled on what to do and more of how he deals with it will be shown in Part 2.

    Fast forward to dinner that night where all the gang gathers to meet Jessies new stepmother, Leslie. To Zacks surprise and Jessies dismay, she ends up being the aerobics instructor that Zack had been hitting on earlier and also the one that Jessie had insulted. Jessie is pissed that her dad would marry someone so much younger then him and throws a hissy fit like a little baby about it. The gang try to insist to her that Leslie seems like a cool lady and to give her a chance but she shuns them and bounces from them.

    The other development has Zack and Kelly getting really flirty towards each other throughout the episode. It gets taken to the next level at the end of the episode when they share a nice kiss while at poolside. Right after the kiss, Kelly bounces and Zack gets confronted by Jessie. She is still pissed off and says its a shame that shes going to have to stop the wedding from happening. Man it pissed me off how immature and babyish Jessie came off in this episode. Stay tuned for Part 2 and maybe we can get that trick Jessie to sing a different tune about her feelings towards Leslie or will she have the same attitude shes had throughout this episode?
  • Jessie's dad is getting married to a woman who she does not like. While Kelly and Zach start falling for each other again and Slater starts dating a princess.

    I really enjoyed this episode! It was really interesting and breath taking to watch. I enjoyed watching Jessie's reaction to her father’s fiancée and Slater trying to deal with the girl he likes being a princess. Zach and Kelly's relationship was very sweet and romantic which I think made it more interesting.